13 Best Boba in San Diego to Get Your Bubble Tea Fix

There’s something about boba that makes it the perfect treat for any time of day.

It’s a harmonious blend of sweet, cold and caffeinated – a combination so perfect that it’s no wonder that these little bubble tea joints are poppin’ up all over town!

With so many options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get your fix of chewy tapioca balls.

From traditional flavors like green tea and honey lemon to more adventurous combinations such as matcha mint and passionfruit, these are the top spots for Boba in San Diego.

1. Sharetea

This boba tea company was established in 1992 in Taiwan but it has flourished into an international franchise found in over 18 countries.

Now that’s impressive.

But what makes Sharetea boba special is the fact that their tea leaves are directly shipped from Taiwan and distributed to all of their stores across the globe.

This gives their drinks that authentic base flavor.

There are several Sharetea stores in San Diego, currently in Linda vista, Convoy, El Cajon Blvd, and along Mira Mesa Blvd.

2. Happy Lemon

Happy Lemon was first founded in China in 2006.

Today, it has expanded to over 1000 locations worldwide and the chain is pretty famous for its tea drinks based on green or black tea.

Just like Sharetea, Happy Lemon’s tea leaves are also sourced from Taiwan.

While the regular boba milk tea is among their signature drinks, they’re most famous for their salted cheese tea.

Currently, there are three Happy Lemon stores in San Diego – one in Convoy (which also happens to be the largest Happy Lemon store in the world).

The other in Del Mar, and the last one in Westfield UTC.

Happy Lemon San Diego
Photo by Happy Lemon

3. Tastea

Tastea opened its first store in Garden Grove, in 2001 with a mission of introducing exciting smoothies, and other beverages to its customers.

This growing franchise has a number of stores across Texas, California, and Arizona.

Their menu features drinks such as freshly made milk teas, cold brew coffee drinks, and fresh-brewed artisan tea.

Tastea drinks can be customized with fruit bits, jellies, and of course, boba.

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4. Little Nap Café

Established in 2019, Little Nap Café prides itself as the only boba store in the Hillcrest area.

It’s the perfect spot to be for fun desserts and boba drinks.

They specialize in Japanese desserts, with their secret sauce being the house Teriyaki and Spicy Aioli.

They’re also keen to use all-natural protein in all their desserts, setting them apart from a typical dessert shop.

tan cha san diego
Photo by Tan-Cha

5. Tan-Cha

Tan-Cha is relatively new in San Diego but they’re among the best when it comes to a flavorful cup of boba.

They specialize in milk and fruit teas with a slew of different flavors.

You can have your tea customized to your liking by choosing the percentage of ice or sugar to be added.

Top it off with the salted and sweet cheese foam and you’re good to go!

Besides their fresh fruit teas, some of their popular specialty drinks include Royal Ceylon Milk Tea with Tiramisu Foam, Brûlée milk tea, tiramisu milk tea, and matcha lattes.

6. Vivi Bubble Tea

Depending on your taste, the bright pink and white décor inside this charming boba spot can be super cute or overkill.

But one thing is for sure, Vivi Bubble Tea’s exceptional services, tasty drinks, and customizability place this café way above an average boba shop.

With a roomy seating area, Vivi Bubble Tea is a great café to hang out with friends or family.

They offer milk teas, yakults, slushes, fruit teas, and many more drinks.

7. It’s Boba Time

With over 50 locations in different parts of California, It’s Boba Time is a fast-growing chain, all thanks to the long list of drinks on offer.

Their menu boasts over 140 items, including vegan-friendly options.

Also, they use non-dairy creamer for their milk teas and you can even opt for almond, soy, or oat milk which is great if you’re lactose intolerant.

Kung Fu Tea San Diego
Photo by Kung Fu Tea

8. Kung Fu Tea

There are currently two Kung Fu Tea stores in San Diego and it’s one of the most popular boba chains in the state.

In fact, it’s not an anomaly to find a line going out of the door, especially during busier hours.

The main reason why they’re a favorite to many people is because of their huge selection of interesting drinks, including some seasonal options.

Honey milk green tea with boba, taro milk bubble tea, and even the classic honey black tea are some of the best options on their menu.

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9. Chakaa Tea House

When it comes to wild and fun drinks, Chakaa Tea House turns out some of the most creative options in town.

From the beloved milk tea with boba to old-brewed jasmine tea with cheezo, this café has an expansive menu full of yummy drinks.

They also offer alternative milk options such as almond and soy milk so be sure to ask if that’s your preference.

10. Presotea

Presotea is a Taiwanese franchise with a lot of stores across the globe and they offer a huge selection of hot and cold beverages.

Over the years, they’ve established themselves in the bubble tea industry thanks to their innovative and tasty tea flavors.

Presotea at Pacific Beach is a top-rated café. On top of excellent service, they use a tea espresso machine so every cup of tea is freshly brewed.

Ding Tea San Diego
Photo by Ding Tea

11. Ding Tea

Ding Tea is a household name when it comes to boba because they do it right and they have a broad selection of hot and iced beverages.

There are several stores in different neighborhoods in San Diego so you can check out the one that’s closest to you.

In addition to other signature drinks, this spot is known for its tasty matcha latte chocolate milk with boba, wintermelon tea, and strawberry yakult.

12. Tea N More

Tea N More is one of the most established tea shops around town.

This place is not only a great stop for boba, but it also boasts a great ambiance making it a fantastic spot to chill with friends or family.

What’s more, they provide games and books so you can come to this cozy place if you want to recharge over a nice drink or bring a group of friends to enjoy games as well as wonderful drinks.

13. The Korean Rose

If you want something to quench your thirst regardless of the season, you should give this tea shop a try.

The Korean Rose has an expansive menu with novelty and classic boba drinks alike.

One of their signature drinks is the Korean Rose (who would’ve thought?) which is very refreshing and pretty popular among the regulars here.