Bali Swing: Ultimate Guide to the Original Swing in Ubud

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More and more adrenaline junkies are finding the Bali Swing irresistible. And today, an authentic Bali vacation won’t be complete without a visit to one of the magnificent Bali Swings.

Due to the popularity with tourists, many ‘copycat swings’ have popped up in recent years.

The one we’ll be talking about in this post is the original swing park that’s found in Ubud.

About Bali Swing

What is Bali Swing?

Bali Swing isn’t your ordinary kind of swing. The now ‘Insta-famous’ swing park was built overlooking an awe-inspiring palm tree valley with a stunning river flowing below. The views from the swing are spectacular, portraying the real face of the Balinese jungle.

The experience is a unique thrill you won’t get anywhere else and there’s no better way to awaken your inner child as each swinging motion draws you closer to nature.

Listen to your heart race as you admire the astounding backdrop of vibrant palm trees, cascading rice fields, lush valleys, and gushing waterfall from above.

Bali Swing is made up of over 15 different swings (and more coming up) with varied elevations between 10 meters and 78 meters above the ground.


Where Is Bali Swing Located?

The famous Bali Swing is located just a short 20-minute drive from Ubud city center and about an hour and a half from Kuta.

The attraction is open daily from 8 AM to 5 PM.

Due to the growing popularity, the waiting queue could be frustratingly long so book your ticket ahead of time or be sure to reach there before the actual opening time.


The Best Way to Get to Bali Swing

There are three major ways to get to Bali Swing — scooter, taxi or the free shuttle.

The shuttle runs from 9 AM to 3 PM every two hours and it’ll drop you near the Ubud Palace.

If you want to get there before 9 AM (best option to beat traffic and the crowds), you’ll have to organize your own transportation.

The scooter is the cheapest option as it’ll cost you around $5 per day, but you’ll need to have an international driver’s license plus be confident enough to navigate the congested roads.

The last option is by taxi (or private driver). The final price of your trip will depend on how good you are at haggling!

Alternatively, you can join a Bali Swing tour where all the travel logistics and activities are organized for you.


Map of Bali Swing

What to Expect at the Bali Swing

There are a couple of jungle swings to choose from but each swing draws its own unique thrill.

You have the option of choosing a 10m, 15m, 20m and all the way to 78m. It’s up to you to make a choice based on how daring you’re feeling.

If you’re not a height lover, there are other ways to enjoy the Bali Swing park.

There are tons of photo props and lookout points that make picturesque spots for those enviable shots. Seize the experience — have your pick at love hearts and giant bird’s nests.


What’s So Great About the Bali Swing?

The highlight of the Bali Swing is the breath-taking sight of tropical jungles, deep canyons, and terraced rice fields as you swing 10 meters into the air.

Safety at this park is always a priority so the swings are well maintained and you’ll be safely harnessed before the ride.

The Bali Swing offers several packages for the visitors to choose from; romantic tour to the waterfall, swing over the jungle, Quad Swing, Lovely Elephant Park & Swing, and exhilarating rafting.


Best Time to Visit the Bali Swing

The morning hours between 8 AM and 11 AM are the best time to visit the Bali Swing as the sunshine is soft and the light isn’t too bright. You’ll also get to avoid most of the crowds.

Although a free pick up sounds like a great idea, it’s best to get there earlier especially if you’re after that perfect photo.

Remember to wear bright clothes! It’ll create a fantastic contrast against the lush Balinese jungles.


How Much Does Bali Swing Cost

The Bali Swing can be an expensive activity. The most popular package is $35 USD per person for unlimited time on the swings, lunch, and free shuttle from the Ubud Palace to Bali Swing.

There are tours to Bali Swing that includes round-trip transportation if you want to be picked up from you hotel.

If you just want to take in the scenery and snap some photos without going on the swings, entrance fee is only $10. But since you’re there, you might as well have some fun on the swings — it’s totally worth it!


How to Book Bali Swing

Bali Swings can get very busy so booking in advance is highly recommended, especially if you’re tight on time.

You can secure your spot and skip the line by booking your ticket online.

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Other Swings Around Bali

Bali swing

With the swings growing in popularity each passing day, you can bet there are tons of other copycat swings around Bali.

Most of them are much cheaper, although they may not offer the same stunning views, vistas, and safety as the original Bali Swing.

Zen Hideaway

Located about 30 minutes from Ubud, Zen Hideaway is among the best swings in Bali. It’s a place of tranquility and peace where you’ll enjoy swinging from a hilltop, between two gigantic palm trees overlooking the fascinating Ayung River. Listen to the mini waterfall while admire the majestic Mount Agung and stunning rice fields below.

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Terrace River Pool Swing

Situated in the district of Tegalalang, in the northern part of Ubud, Terrace River Pool Swing offers the ultimate swing experience with over 15 types of swings to choose from. Boasting various heights of up to 45 meters above the ground plus a giant Bali-style bird’s nest for you to snap up some amazing photos.

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LeKaja Bali Swing

Located in Carang Sari village, about 8 km north of Ubud, LeKaja Bali Swing offers a couple of swing options at different height levels, between 10 meters and 15 meters above the ground. The exotic jungle backdrops offer a perfect background for awe-inspiring photos.

LeKaja Bali Swing also features other exciting outdoor activities such as zip-lining and rafting.

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Final Thoughts

Even though it seems a bit touristy, a visit to Bali wouldn’t be complete without paying a visit to the infamous Bali Swing.

We hope this guide has helped you plan your trip to this iconic destination!