21 Best Coffee Shops in Miami to Grab a Cuppa Joe

Coffee shops are a major player in the social scene of any city, and Miami is no exception.

This beachside town is teeming with hidden gems that not only serve up some of the most Instagram-worthy drinks but also provide a cozy escape from the bustling metropolis.

Each one has its own unique character, but all are worth exploring if you’re interested in a great cup of java.

Here are 21 spots for the best coffee in Miami that will give you your daily dose of caffeine.

1. Vice City Bean

No vice is excused but coffee on rush days, and Vice City Beans is here to supply you with your fix.

Bright and decked with colorful murals, this coffee shop in Miami serves in-house bakes and Wi-Fi alongside a selection of lattes and Americanos.

Gluten-free and vegan options are available on request.

Drop by any of their three locations: Filling Station Lofts, Sabadell Financial Center, and The Citadel Food Hall for a comfy workspace or the occasional coffee workshops.

Brewing Buddha Cafe
Photo by Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

2. Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

Looking for a chill spot with good music? Brewing Buddha sets the bar for Miami coffee shops when it comes to variety.

Lattes range from Campfire S’mores to Honey Orange Blossom, while cold brews, teas and matcha drinks all tout their own varieties.

Order a savoury waffle to complement, or try the sandwiches for a well-balanced lunch.

As for the Arthouse part of the name, photography lines the walls for your eyes only. You can also take your morning joe outside with some birdsong.

3. Pura Vida

A husband and wife duo created Pura Vida to combine life’s greatest: family and food.

This Miami café collective may be a little bigger than your friendly neighborhood coffee shop (especially with its extensive food menu), but all branches share a breezy, beach-like aesthetic for the best refresh.

Competing with the tall glasses of iced coffees and milk variations are superfood smoothies and acai bowls.

For something on the go, grab their fresh juice shots in easy-to-carry bottles.

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4. Imperial Moto

Inspired by the Imperial Moto, this industrial-chic coffee shop comes with actual motorcycles on display – expect a laidback rock n’ roll vibe across all its branch locations.

Sourcing beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, their coffee carries notes of toasted nuts and spices. Their nitro cold brew is highly recommended, though lovers of choco-chip ice cream may try the affogato.

For food, empanadas, pastries and sandwiches reign supreme. Yes, brand t-shirts, gloves and motorcycle accessories are sold in-shop.

Imperial Moto
Photo by Imperial Moto

5. All Day

The best coffee shops in Miami don’t just pile up décor and call it a day; the teams consciously source and prepare the menu with the community in mind.

Independent coffee bar All Day is exactly the sustainability guru Miami is proud to claim.

Not to mention, the media praises it as “a must-visit for coffee fanatics”.

Opt between their pour over and hot drip in winter months, or sip on the refreshing Joe Thai. Bites run the range from tartines to salmon platters, shrimp & grits.

6. Pasión del Cielo Coffee

Pasion del Cielo Coffee really does source their beans from the sky – single origin, Arabica beans grown in the mountains.

Since 2009, they’ve grown their brand to nest in Coral Gables, Midtown and Brickell Avenue. The fun part is choosing from their variety of beans!

For a chocolate-y, medium-bodied coffee, go with the Jamaican Blue Mountain. Kenya comes with hints of wine, while Brazil is earthy and smooth.

Regulars recommend the cortadito, and frappes are available for no-coffee days.

7. Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Open seven days a week, Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar has weaseled its way to being one of the best coffee shops in Miami.

With multiple locations across Miami and beyond, you can drop in for weekend brunches or regular power ups.

Coffee comes in variety: espresso shots, cortado, cappuccino, cold brews and iced everything with flavors like hazelnut and lavender.

Grab a smoothie or power drink pre- and post-work out; pair it with sandwiches stacked with greens and protein. There’s also pasta if you need the carbs.

Panther Coffee
Photo by Panther Coffee

8. Panther Coffee

Roaster, retailer, rest stop – Panther Coffee caters to your coffee needs across six locations.

A diverse cast of beans are imported from Ethiopia, Bolivia, Colombia and more; Panther blends also carry their own unique notes.

Ask for Drips, cold brew, espresso and milk alternatives, or organic teas for the non-coffee drinker.

The 305 Espresso Lemonade, a summer specialty, swaps out when fall hits.

Sweep through the small bites menu for sweet stuff like raspberry lemon scones and vegan treats, or savory pastries and empanadas.

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9. Suite Habana Café

Inspired by Cuba’s paladares (home and restaurant in one), Suite Habana Café is plastered with Cuban film posters.

Antique white brick, cushioned chairs and low-set coffee tables create an upscale but inviting space.

Their specialty? A medium roast Cuban coffee that is used as base for the owner’s personal favorite: an oat cortado.

Featured alongside are goods from local businesses, including gluten-free treats, vegan banana bread and kombucha.

You also don’t want to miss out on the café’s bombón ice pops.

10. Alaska Coffee Roasting Company

There’s no need to fly far north when the coffee is brought to you.

Alaska Coffee Roasting is a great option for those who like to try different beans as their selection is flown in from the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

House-made blends are on offer too, albeit fewer in number. Breakfast hunters can’t go wrong with the pancakes, though the regular menu is no slouch when it comes to wood-fired oven bakes.

Made-from-scratch pizzas and sandwiches are a must-try, while pastries are for afternoon nibbles.

Cafe Grumpy Miami
Photo by Cafe Grumpy

11. Café Grumpy

Café Grumpy will dispel the gloom – we’re not angry, we just lack caffeine. Originating in New York, the Coral Gables shop delivers all your coffee favorites.

Homemade syrups for flavored lattes let you personalise your drink; you can also order matcha and turmeric lattes.

Teas run from early grey and chai to fruitier hibiscus and jasmine. While the coffee shop itself is stark with little furniture, it wields pastries and Wi-Fi.

You can also buy your Grumpy roasts to go.

12. Bebito’s Café

Located on Miami Beach, Bebito’s Café serves up bistro classics and divine pastries.

It is breakfast all day feat. toastadas, croquetas, and heavier fare like frita bowls and steak sandwiches.

Their croissants are peppered with almonds and chocolate, and sometimes sandwiches ice cream.

Bebito’s Private Label signature blend is made of central and South American beans roasted locally.

Delivering in cafecito, café con leche and other styles with non-dairy milks, this Miami café steps it up with MCT oil, collagen and CBD add-ons.

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13. La Colada Gourmet

The cigar and coffee scent that swirls through Little Havana can be traced to many cozy shops, but let your feet take you to the only coffee house in town with real Cuban beans: La Colada Gourmet.

Mix whichever liquor, creams, spices and milk alternatives to get your ideal cup of lifeblood; the baristas are great guides if you’re not sure what to get.

While your order is made fresh, browse the little Cuban knick-knacks around the store. It’s a traditional experience.

Shepherd Artisan Coffee
Photo by Shepherd Artisan Coffee

14. Shepherd Artisan Coffee

For glossier, modern coffee shops in Miami, Shepherd Artisan Coffee keeps you spoiled with air-con and breakfast pastries.

The extensive menu is like reading a script, with all-day breakfasts rolling from simple oatmeal to flavorful shakshuka.

Baked goods are on display (a cinnabon roll, please) while sandwiches and salads satisfy savory tongues.

Drinks too, show off a diverse cast: cortadito and house-brewed blends, mochas, kombucha, iced chai lattes and shepherd frappes, mixed berries smoothies and detox juices.

A huge variety of plant-based milks makes them vegan-friendly.

15. Neverland Coffee Bar

Neverland is where dreams come true… like never-ending brunch time. Starting with the brick exterior and leafy pergolas, this Miami coffee shop exudes good vibes everywhere.

The Everlasting Brunch menu tells you to Break The Fast or burrow into Golden Tater Tots, with plenty of salads, specials and focaccia to share on the side.

When it hits Sweet O’clock, the melted brie waffle swings in to offset your hot golden coffee; or hot golden milk.

Your teas can be blooming, herbal or iced. Wines are on call if you want to play grown up.

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16. The Salty Donut

For once, the highlight isn’t coffee, although the shop does it well. The Salty Donut worships its round, sugary namesake.

Your traditional glazed donut bows down to a decadent white chocolate tres leches topping, fluffed-up hazelnut and choco combo, peaches and cream, caramel toffee crumb, an oozing key lime meringue pie filling… are you hungry yet?

To temper the sweet, order a cold brew or lemonade and wash down the crumbs.

They have locations across the States, so you can pick up your fix even outside of Miami.

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17. Macondo Coffee Roasters

Macondo Coffee Roasters is that unpretentious coffee shop around the corner, delivering house-roasted Columbian beans in all forms: macchiato, affogato, espresso, panna… you think it, you get it.

Flavor your coffee with pumpkin spice or choose your hand-brew preference.

Breakfast-goers should also settle in with the aptly-named Fabio’s Favorite, perhaps dig into a healthy food bowl.

The organic pancakes may surprise you too. For those who want to bring their puppies along, it’s a dog-friendly location.

Macondo Coffee Roasters
Photo by Macondo Coffee Roasters

18. Cafe Demetrio

For an old-world, French vibe; stop by the neighborhood of Coral Gables. Café Demetrio is a staple within the community thanks to its old-timey flair.

Modeled after early coffee shops, it’s designed for slow bites and talking art over coffee.

Take your light meals out to the leafy courtyard, which is a cozy space for weekend brunches.

Classics include waffles and egg benedict, while coffee is served with foam art. Their prices are extremely reasonable as well, especially if you commandeer a table for hours.

19. Ella Cafe Plantation

Pricey but a great treat, Ella Café Plantation is the hipster icon of the neighborhood.

The interior is styled to be shabby-chic, and every order is served on small cheese boards.

You’re presented with breakfast sandwiches, fresh pastries (think blueberry muffins, Nutella coffee cake, lemon bars) and delicious avo toast.

Drinks are customizable, offering everything between doppio and coffee con panna and chai tea lattes, plus seasonal items like pumpkin spice.

Best of all, they’re very generous with the whip cream.

The Alchemist Cafe
Photo by The Alchemist

20. The Alchemist

Like an alchemist at work, The Alchemist has been turning coffee beans into ambrosia for the Wilton Manors community.

The space is rustic-meets-garden with plenty of outdoor seating for your social media proof, great for hang outs and studying.

Expect breakfast grub and lunch sandwiches, which have been refaced into low-carb, open-faced ‘slicers’.

A bevy of gluten-free desserts complements the signature iced coffee; the Bulletproof, Golden Coffee, and Syphon Coffee take over for those who like it hot.

Teas and juice blends are also available.

21. House of Per’La

Minimalistic, elegant and quietly competent, the House of Per’La knows exactly what they’re doing.

Importing coffee beans and roasting them locally in Miami, Per’La lets you grab and go at their coffee shop: cappuccino, cold brew, macchiato, clever, and latte mixes.

Drink combos like Straight & Splash (espresso & macchiato) or jazz things up with a Milo Shake.

Food looks like pan de bonos and local goodies like cookies, cake slices and frittatas. Sometimes, avo toasts and egg sandwiches make the cut.