9 Spots for the Best Malasadas in Maui

What is a trip to Maui without eating your way through the island? Malasadas are delicious Hawaiian treats; fried ball pastries that have a crisp and sweet exterior and a soft and chewy interior.

The most commonly found variety of malasada is the basic sugar-coated version, but there are many different takeaways from this humble treat.

You can find these scrumptious snacks almost everywhere you go on the island.

Whether you want to indulge in these pastries during breakfast or save them for dessert, here are some of the best spots on Maui to find some mouthwatering Malasadas.

1. Komoda Store and Bakery

The perfect place to pick up a quick snack for the road ahead, Komoda Store and Bakery is a must-stop on the Road to Hana. Located in the historic town of Makawao, this bakery has been going strong since 1916.

They have a reputation for their cream puffs, donuts on a stick, and long Johns; they know what the locals expect and they deliver every single time.

Oh, have we mentioned the guava malasadas? Perfectly chewy on the inside and the outside has that perfect buttery crust.

Entirely hand-made in-house, this bakery is so good that you want to live in Maui just so that you can visit this place every day.

Sugar Beach Bake Shop
Photo by Sugar Beach Bakery

2. Sugar Beach Bakery

It’s no surprise that Sugar Beach Bakery is a favorite for its delicious malasadas. Made fresh daily, these Hawaiian-inspired treats are addictive and impossible to stop at just one!

Not only are they great on their own, but paired with a fresh cuppa joe, there’s no denying it’s a heavenly match.

First-timers might be having a tough time choosing between the ever-changing flavors of malasadas at Sugar Beach Bakery, and who can say “no” to their famous lilikoi pies?

The tangy taste of key lime is perfectly balanced with the delectable creamy texture; wipe the drool from your mouth and beeline it here.

3. Home Maid Cafe

Whether you’re a tourist or local, Home Maid Cafe is here to satisfy those cravings of delicious doughy goodness by serving the best malasadas on Maui.

Not only are these little pastries incredibly light and airy, but they also bring all of your senses into play.

From the smell of freshly baked dough to the sweetness of their creamy filling, it’s impossible not to fall hard for them.

There’s a minimum order of three, but let’s be real – would you order any less than that?

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4. Napoleon’s Bakery

On the hunt for the best malasada in Maui? While you can’t go wrong with any of the delicious treats at the Napoleon’s Bakery counter in Zippy’s Kahului, the real star of the show are the malasadas.

Made to order with the freshest ingredients, you can be sure that your malasada will be crunchy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside.

You really can’t go wrong with these guys; we promise your stomach will be full after trying their goodies!

Malasadas at Napoleons Bakery
Photo by Napoleon's Bakery

5. Manuela Malasada Co

Do you like malasadas but can’t find one that lives up to the hype? Manuela Malasada is here to change your mind.

A food truck that focuses on freshness and quality, their fillings are made daily to bring out the best flavors.

Choose from 3 different coatings for your favorite malasada, and make sure you opt for the Lilikoi flavor – it’s simply non-negotiable.

This is a place where happiness is at its peak; whether it’s your first time visiting or if it’s just another day after work, you can expect nothing but smiles from this little food truck.

The wait may be long but it will definitely be worth it when you finally see your donut come out and into your hands – you won’t want to share these magical donuts with anyone else!

6. Donut Dynamite

Donuts are life, and the brioche variety that Donut Dynamite serves are an absolute favorite. These artisanal treats are beyond words; basically heaven on earth for sweets lovers.

Once you try one, you’ll be hooked! Not to mention their flavors change weekly – so there’s always something new to try.

And when you add their classic malasadas to the mix, oh boy. These Hawaiian delicacies will make you feel like a kid again, with its sweetness and crisp texture in one go.

Order their Malasada Ice Cream Sandwich and get ready for some seriously indulgent goodies that will leave you feeling satisfied yet slightly guilty 🙂

7. The Bakery Lahaina

The Bakery Lahaina has created a true gem in West Maui, where you can experience the best of both worlds – traditional Hawaiian-style food paired with modern, fun flavors.

Wherever malasadas are involved, there is going to be blissful satisfaction of a mouthwatering kind. Effortlessly sweet yet full of flavor, these little treats are certain to satisfy any sweet tooth and come in a variety of flavors (plain or filled).

The Bakery Lahaina is a true hometown favorite that everyone should experience at least once in their life!

Malasadas at Coppas Bakery
Malasadas Photo by Coppa's Bakery

8. Coppa’s Maui Bakery

Coppa’s is a local bakery that isn’t seen through the windows, but is heard about from friends and family.

A hidden gem indeed, this bakery doesn’t have an actual storefront and you’ll need to call them at least a day in advance to place an order.

Ube and malasada are a match made in heaven, and Coppa’s has perfected it; fluffy donuts are topped with homemade ube drizzle to make every bite worth savoring.

With every bite, you’ll get that intense flavor that only comes from real ingredients. Go ahead and try one for yourself – we promise you won’t regret it!

9. Home Maid Bakery

Home Maid Bakery is a favorite bakery in Maui that specializes in making this iconic treat.

Crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; you can expect perfection every time you visit.

Their sugar-coated version is made just right, and the custard-filled version is equally as delicious.

They often run out of these treats, so get there early to grab one (or a whole box)!

What Are Hawaiian Malasadas?

First-timer? We know what you’re thinking… “What is a malasada?”. Well, if you need an explanation, it’s a lightly fried ball of deliciousness that is a common snack throughout all of Hawaii.

These delicious snacks are a tradition dating back to the Portuguese immigrants who first arrived on the islands centuries ago.

The original malasadas were plain and didn’t have any fillings, but today’s variations are much more exciting.

Today, you’ll come across malasadas that are filled with custard, guava or coconut mixtures, dipped in chocolate or covered in syrup, nuts, or shredded coconuts.

Whatever variety you prefer best, these deep-fried pastries are an iconic part of Hawaiian culture.