15 Spots for the Best Tacos in Playa del Carmen

When it comes to a tasty and fast meal that’s bursting with the flavors of Mexico, nothing beats tacos.

And we’re not going to miss the opportunity to share our love of tacos with the vibrant coastal city of Playa del Carmen.

Do as the locals do; go on a culinary adventure by eating your way through the city’s most delicious and affordable taco scene.

There are hundreds of taquerias throughout Playa del Carmen. Yep!

While that may be a bit overwhelming, it also means there are plenty of options no matter what part of town you’re exploring.

Here are 16 spots for the best tacos in Playa del Carmen.

1. El Chuleton

According to foodies online, El Chuleton has the best tacos in Playa del Carmen – authentic, affordable, and absolutely mouthwatering.

Located in an unassuming shopping plaza off 5th Avenue, it treats you to friendly service and freshly-made food.

Nicely toasted tortilla wraps are loaded with heaping of pastor, arrachera, chorizo, bacon chops and more. Most if not all tacos come with cheese; you can ask for extra.

And yes, English menus are available for non-Spanish speakers.

Opening Hours: 9AM to 12AM
Address: Av. Constituyentes 180 Loc. 13 Plaza Las Perlas Junto a Terared, 77710 Playa del Carmen

Taquerias el Ñero Juarez
Photo by Taquerias el Nero Juarez

2. Taquerias el Ñero Juarez

Serving only tacos, Mexican style; Taquerias el Ñero Juarez offers a solid choice for tacos in Playa del Carmen. There is ample seating, although don’t expect a fancy setting.

From pastor, chorizo and steak to delicacies like tongue, intestines and brain, adventurous eaters would love the variety! You pay small money too, as tacos are priced 15 pesos each.

Come here post-partying to satisfying those hunger pangs, or ask for takeout and hit up a nearby beach.

Opening Hours: 4PM to 1AM (next day)
Address: Av. Benito Juárez LB, Centro, 77710 Playa del Carmen

3. La Cochi Loka

Right off 5th Avenue is a lovely surprise – the cheap little gem of La Cochi Loka. You can’t miss the bright yellow exterior, the piggy logo and the cut-out service bar.

Many have praised the fast service of this street food stop, but what really makes it a Playa del Carmen must-try is their delicious cochinita pibil.

The chicken and vegetarian tacos are great options too, but the Yutacan-style pork shoulder steals the show.

You can opt for sit down dining in the shaded courtyard as well.

Opening Hours: 24 hours
Address: Calle 10 Nte 27, Conzalo Guerrero, 77720 Playa del Carmen

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4. Los Aguachiles

Skip the other two locations and head straight for Los Aguachiles on 34th Street; it’s trendy but less touristy. The outdoor-indoor seating adds ambiance to your seafood-focused meal.

You’re plied with salsas and tortilla chips from the get-go, with flavors ranging from tamarind to spicy habanero.

These sauces mix with other toppings to make the best seafood tacos in Playa del Carmen; for only 25-35 pesos! Favorites include the shrimp, tuna and avo, and pop-eye tacos.

There’s also a good selection of other Mexican entrees and mains.

Opening Hours: 12PM to 10PM
Address: Av. 25 Calle 34, 77710 Playa del Carmen

El Fogon Pastor Tacos
Pastor Tacos photo by El Fogon

5. El Fogon

It’s first come first serve at El Fogon, one of Playa del Carmen’s most popular tacos eatery. Colorful and unpretentious, they draw in budget-eaters with very reasonable prices.

Four people can leave completely stuffed with a bill under $40.

Expect traditional tacos tendered with pineapples, onions, lime, cheese and other toppings. While their specialty is the al pastor, order the Taco Loco to get what El Fogon is about.

For even more flavor, plentiful sauces are brought to you.

Opening Hours: 12PM to 11PM
Address: Av. Constituyentes, Quintas del Carmen, Gonzalo Guerrero, 77720 Playa del Carmen

6. Taqueria Viva Mexico

Go local with this small street-side jaunt. Cash only and open to the outdoors, Taqueria Viva Mexico is the kind of off-beat locale that backpackers look for.

You know it’s an authentic taqueria when the lunch menu changes every day. Serving up some of the best tacos in Playa del Carmen, it offers traditional flavors like carne asada and al pastor.

The smoky flank steak smell sends your taste buds reeling in the best way! Even better; these tacos come cheap.

Opening Hours: 12PM to 2AM (next day)
Address: Av. Constituyentes entre 30 y 35 avenidas, Playa del Carmen

7. Taqueria El Borrego Loco

If you’re looking for a super local hole-in-the-wall, Taqueria El Borrego Loco is king. Note: it serves lamb tacos and nothing but. This is a treat for mutton munchers.

They don’t even hand you menus; just order how many tacos you want! You do get a selection of salsas to temper the flavor, but the generous onion and cilantro topping is more than enough.

Slow cooked until the meat falls apart, you bet these barbacoa-style tacos get a thumbs-up.

Opening Hours: 8AM to 5PM
Address: Av. Colosio SM61 M707 C14 N430, Bosque Real, Playa del Carmen 77724

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8. El Gran Taco

El Gran Taco may be nowhere near the tourist corridor, but your taxi money is well spent. Open-air and no frills, this 4th-generation restaurant brings out family recipes for authentic Mexican tacos.

Cast iron pots filled with a huge variety of meats and veggies are served almost buffet-style. You take your pick of filling, and it gets ladled on pita-like bread (not your conventional tortilla).

Enjoy a wide variety of pork styles alongside fish tacos, and the highly-praised chili rellenos taco.

Opening Hours: 8:30AM to 4:30PM
Address: Calle 41 Sur, Ejidal, 77712 Playa del Carmen

Un Taco Mas
Photo by Un Taco Mas

9. Un Taco Mas

This one is for the early birds who need their taco fix before anything else. Un Taco Mas will have you calling for one more, thanks to their amazing variety of fillings.

With hand-made tortillas as base, you can load up on traditional Mexican flavors that range from cochinita to chili rellenos, barbacoa and chicken mole.

There are also loads of toppings and salsas to choose from. Get there before 11AM for the full selection, especially for the vegetarian options.

Opening Hours: 6AM to 2PM
Address: Av. 50 Nte entre Constituyentes y Calle 22, 77720 Playa del Carmen

10. Tacos Gomez

When you’re craving Playa del Carmen tacos at night, Tacos Gomez steps in with their late-night hours and free street parking.

Non-Spanish speakers please be aware: it’s a very local place. Well worth any language struggles though!

This hole-in-the-wall eatery off the main boulevard has great variety. Choose between tripa (very popular), carne enchilada, chorizo, lengua and more taco fillings.

Garnish with lime and avo salsa for extra creaminess and spice. At 20 pesos per taco, you’ve got a cheap but filling deal.

Opening Hours: 6PM to 2AM
Address: Calle Paseo del Pedregal Galaxia del Carmen, 77710 Playa del Carmen

Tacos Don Chava
Photo by Tacos Don Chava

11. Tacos Don Chava

Many have stumbled across the cute food truck set-up of Tacos Don Chava. At night, the seating area is lit up with fairy lights for extra ambiance.

Grab your carne asana, bistec, pastor and other traditional tacos straight off the grill. There’s also arrachera and the option of cheese to go with.

For garnishes, various sauces are lined up at the salsa bar so you can take what you need. Order 4 tacos in one go for a cheaper deal.

Opening Hours: 5PM to 12AM
Address: Av. 28 de Julio, Blvd. de Las Americas esq, Mundo Habitat, 77714 Playa del Carmen

12. Birria de la 30

The first thing that draws your attention is the colorful menus drawn on wooden pallets. The smell of spicy, slow-cooked brisket hits your nostrils next.

Small serving cups of sauces and lime clink onto the table, followed by the highlight: an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Birria de la 30 treats you to the best birria tacos in Playa del Carmen, a nice change from the usual pastor. Many also order tacos dorados to dip into consommé.

We suggest knowing your order beforehand as little to no English is spoken.

Opening Hours: 8AM to 10PM
Address: Av. 30 Nte 8, 77710 Playa del Carmen

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13. Porfirio’s

A far cry from the previously mentioned taquerias, Porfirio’s is a modern and chic restaurant –club-like atmosphere included. Sitting on 5th Avenue, it’s dressed up for tourists.

The menu isn’t “tacos only” but what they do serve is a mix of traditional and inventive. Think beef tenderloin tacos served with bruleed bone marrow, soft shell crab tacos and lobster tacos.

If you can’t decide what to try, the soft taco platter is a great compromise.

Opening Hours: 1PM to 2AM (next day)
Address: 5a Av. Con esquina, Calle 12 Nte, 77710 Playa del Carmen

14. Chac Pel

Again proving that small eateries can dish out amazing food, Chac Pel is yet another taco stop if you like your shrimp.

Served either with cream or garlic, it’s one of the most popular dishes on the menu. The battered dogfish taco is highly recommended too.

Apart from the delicious meal, other reviewers have commented on how reasonable the prices are. Efficient service and easy access (it is right outside the ferry terminal) are other reasons to revisit.

Opening Hours: 10AM to 8PM (Thursdays to Sundays only)
Address: 10 Av. Sur 139, Playacar, 77710 Playa del Carmen

La Floresta
Photo by La Floresta

15. La Floresta

La Floresta takes you back to the low-key plastic tables and chairs, but who cares when the tacos are fresh? The cheap pricing and large portions make it a great spot for a quick lunch.

As reviewers state over and over again, La Floresta is the go-to in Playa del Carmen for seafood tacos. The battered fish and shrimp tacos may look simple but taste excellent!

Pair your tacos with a ceviche for the complete experience.

Opening Hours: 10AM to 5PM
Address: Carretera Federal Corner Calle 14 Nte, 77710 Playa del Carmen

16. Don Sirloin

A little ways off 5th Avenue is a staple Playa del Carmen tacos stop. Simple but cheap, Don Sirloin deliver exactly what it says on the menu: quality Mexican specialties.

Their five taco fillings are: pastor, sirloin, arrachera, chicken and chorizo. The sirloin comes highly recommended, and many reviews highlight the choice of corn, cheese, flour, and combo wrap.

Wash down your tacos with a glass of horchata for a refreshing note.

Don Sirloin has a chain store on Avenida 10.

Opening Hours: 11AM to 10:30PM
Address: Av. Constituyentes, Calle 25 Nte., Gonzalo Guerrero, 77720 Playa del Carmen