Best Tacos in Tulum: 9 Spots to Eat Tacos You’ll Never Forget

For anyone who’s ever been to Mexico, they know that there’s no shortage of tacos.

This authentic Mexican dish is a staple in the country, and people just can’t get enough of it.

From roadside stalls to the fancy-schmancy, Tulum has a few hidden gems for foodies searching for the tastiest tacos in town.

Here are the top 10 places to find the best tacos in Tulum that’ll satisfy any craving.

1. Taquería Honorio

The most authentic tacos in town are at this little hole-in-the-wall taqueria.

The tacos are generous with lots of ingredients, and they’re full of flavor that’ll transport you to the streets of Mexico City.

Located on Satélite Sur, Taquería Honorio lines up with other restaurants that are worthy of your eating dollar.

Try their signature dish: Cochinita Pibil. This mouthwatering taco consists of tender Yucatan-style pulled pork.

They also serve up some delicious aguas frescas to wash down all the food.

This place opens at 6 am and usually runs out of food by early afternoon (around 3 pm). It’s always busy, so you can expect a line out the door at any hour of the day.

But trust us, it’s worth the wait!

taqueria honorio tulum mexico
photo by Taqueria Honorio

2. Antojitos la Chiapaneca

This taco stand is located on the main avenue of Tulum, and their tacos are legendary.

Call it authentic Mexican tacos in the best tradition.

Antojitos la Chiapaneca is a true gem and budget-friendly too, with tacos that are seasoned perfectly and served piping hot on the spot.

They offer a variety of meats and fillings for $1 each, so it’s a good place to stop by when you’re on the hunt for food and ready to stuff your face.

Tip: the al pastor is a must-try!

Antojitos also serve juices and beers that’ll help quench your thirst while you enjoy your meal.

3. Papaya Playa Project

The Beach Club at Papaya Playa Project is where you want to go if you’re looking to splurge on tacos.

This beachside eatery serves up amazing Mexican street-style tacos with a twist.

They use the best ingredients and have a unique menu of tacos including soft-shell crab, flank steak, and grilled octopus.

Don’t miss out on trying their famous tuna taco; fresh tuna tartare, sushi rice, and sweet soy sauce wedged between a jicama tortilla.

You’ll find that their tacos are not only delicious but also refreshingly different from anything you’ll find from the street vendors.

tacos y tortas el tio tulum mexico 1
photo by tacos y tortas el tio

4. Tacos y Tortas El Tío

If you’re looking for authentic street-style tacos, then make sure you head to this little stand for a bite to eat.

Tacos y Tortas El Tío serves up tacos with a variety of fillings like roasted pork, chorizo, hanger steak, and many more.

The tacos you’ll find here are the true definition of cheap eats, and everything is fresh and delicious!

You’ll find this taco cart in Tulum Centro, usually parked right in front of Oxxo.

Although limited to 5 chairs, the outdoor seating is the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer and delicious tacos for a late-night snack.

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5. El Carboncito

Another authentic Mexican street-style taco spot, El Carboncito has been a staple in town for over a decade.

This taco joint is located on Avenida Tulum and is one of the best places to go for delicious tacos – even the locals agree.

It’s a small restaurant that’s always packed with people, and the line always extends out the door.

Not only does El Carboncito serve up the best tacos al pastor, each one they serve is a taste of Tulum.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a place to share with friends, this eatery is perfect for any occasion.

tropi tacos tulum mexico
photo by tropi tacos

6. Tropi Tacos

Flying under most travelers’ radar, Tropi Tacos is a great place to try authentic Mexican tacos in Tulum.

Using fresh ingredients and homemade tortillas only for all their tacos, this restaurant is the place to go for a quick and cheap lunch.

Meals are served with a tower of salsa (yes, a tower) and don’t forget to order a margarita to pair.

Tropi Tacos is a must-visit if you’re looking for some top-notch tacos in Tulum.

7. La Zebra Beach Restaurant & Bar

Did someone say, all-you-can-eat tacos?!

If it’s Thursday night and your bellies are empty, head over to La Zebra where you can have your pick of taco flavors that originate from 3 different regions in Mexico.

This beach club also serves up delicious boozy drinks that are perfect for cooling off from the sweltering heat.

Taco Thursdays are from 6 pm to 10 pm, so if you’re in the area, make it a point to stop by La Zebra. You will not regret it!

loco tulum mexico
photo by loco tulum mexico

8. Loco Tulum

When it comes to restaurants, it’s hard to find one that consistently tops the list than Loco Tulum.

There are good reasons why this seafood restaurant is one of the most popular stops for tourists and locals alike, not excluding its location which is close enough to walk to the beach after your meal.

Known for their tasty Mediterranean food, Loco Tulum may not be as famous as some of the other eateries for their tacos, but we assure you that it’s worth the visit.

Try out the shrimp tacos or their famous fish tacos – they’re so good that most people visit at least twice!

9. Ziggy’s

Ziggy’s Restaurant is located right on the beach and serves up some of the best tacos on the coast.

They have an extensive menu with many different options for all kinds of tastes, serving up shrimp, fish and vegan cauliflower tacos that are cooked to perfection.

It’s also one of the most stylish places in Tulum and it’s definitely worth checking out for some Instagram snaps!

Ziggy’s is not the cheapest place around, but it’s worth visiting.