17 Bubble Tea Spots in Toronto You Need to Try

If the thought of sipping on those chewy, delightful pearls sends your heart racing, you’re in the right place.

Toronto is brewing a boba revolution, and we’ve combed through its bustling streets to curate a must-try list just for you.

Dive into this article and discover the top bubble tea spots in Toronto that are creating a stir and why you won’t want to miss out on a single sip!

Tiger Sugar Toronto
Photo Credit: Tiger Sugar

1. Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a fantastic spot in Toronto and is famous for their innovative drinks and Instagram-worthy presentations.

You might ask, “What sets them apart?”, and the answer is simple – their signature brown sugar syrup pattern resembling “tiger stripes” on the cup!

A crowd-favorite at Tiger Sugar is the brown sugar boba milk with cream mousse, which is a must-try when visiting. The creamy, velvety texture paired with their unique black sugar pearls will leave you wanting more.

2. Sharetea

Get ready to dive into a world of flavorful fun at Sharetea Toronto! This trendy spot is your ticket to some of the most authentic Taiwanese bubble tea you can find in Toronto.

Customer favorites include their creative fruit-based concoctions and classic milk teas with a twist. Oh, and don’t forget to add their perfectly chewy tapioca pearls to complete the experience!

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3. Yi Fang Fruit Tea

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is a charming little establishment that takes pride in using fresh ingredients with no additives or artificial products.

Their black sugar pearl milk tea is a certified crowd-pleaser, while their Peach Soda Pop takes refreshment to a whole new level. You can’t go wrong with either, but we wouldn’t blame you for trying both!

They have an open kitchen concept, letting you witness all the magic that goes into your cup of bubbly goodness. Next time you’re in Toronto, remember this irresistibly satisfying bubble tea joint!

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea Toronto
Photo Credit: Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea


Thirsty for something delightful and refreshing? Meet ICHA TEA, the go-to spot for authentic Chinese teas and bubble tea concoctions in Toronto.

Their extensive menu is like a playground for bubble tea aficionados. You can’t go wrong with the popular Matcha Latte, a luxurious blend of authentic matcha. Want more? Customize the sweetness level to your wildest desires!

Beyond the amazing taste, ICHA TEA takes pride in offering a quick grab-and-go experience. You’ll be sipping your favorite beverage faster than you can say “bubble tea, please!”.

5. TP Tea

TP Tea is Toronto’s thirst-quenching hotspot. Bursting with delightful flavors and unique toppings, this place is the real deal when it comes to satisfying your boba cravings.

TP Tea sources their tea leaves directly from Taiwan, ensuring the authentic taste in every sip.

Now, you might be wondering what to order on your first visit. The TP Taiwan Classic Milk Tea has become the ultimate fan favorite! With its lusciously rich taste, it pairs amazingly with the QQ noodle topping.

Feeling adventurous? Customize your drink with sugar levels and ice preferences to make it extra special.

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6. Xing Fu Tang

Get ready to immerse yourself in an authentic Taiwanese cultural experience without leaving Toronto! Xing Fu Tang offers top-notch bubble tea that’ll leave you craving more.

With a flair for preserving high-quality traditional Taiwanese beverages, this lively joint sets itself apart from the rest.

Ready to indulge? With too many mouth-watering options to count, you’d be remiss not to try their Signature Brown Sugar Milk Tea, which features freshly made bubbles and a delightful touch of brown sugar.

Xing Fu Tang takes pride in their support for local dairy farms, revealing their commitment to delivering fresh, heavenly drinks.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to a delectable cup of bubble tea while supporting local businesses!

Xing Fu Tang
Photo Credit: Xing Fu Tang

7. Gong Cha

You’re in for a treat with Gong Cha, a leading global tea shop brand that has made its mark in Toronto.

One of the crowd favorites at Gong Cha is their innovative milk foam – a silky, creamy topping that pairs perfectly with their wintermelon flavor. You can totally customize your drink, choosing your desired sweetness and ice levels.

Gong Cha loves experimenting with new items on their menu like the scrumptious croffles. So, keep an eye out for their exciting updates and novel offerings!

8. CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Are you craving some thirst-quenching bubble tea in Toronto? Let’s talk about CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, a fantastic spot to satisfy your bubbly desires.

With over 4000 stores worldwide, this Taiwanese brand is no stranger to serving up mouth-watering delights!

Customer favorites include Pearl Milk Tea and Mango Slush; trust us, these drinks are what bubble tea dreams are made of.

Download the CoCo App on Google Play Store or Apple Store. With exciting deals and offers at your fingertips, you can enjoy CoCo anytime, anywhere!

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9. Ten Ren’s Tea

Look no further than Ten Ren’s Tea, a popular hotspot for bubble tea enthusiasts in Toronto. Their delicious and authentic offerings, make it the perfect spot for your next tea-time fix.

Ten Ren’s Tea is part of a highly respected international tea company, ensuring top-quality ingredients in every sip.

With a diverse menu boasting fantastic options, you’ll find a bevy of beloved customer favorites like creamy milk teas, refreshingly fruity concoctions, and don’t forget those satisfyingly chewy tapioca pearls!

No need to stress about what to order, because their popular drinks have got you covered.

Kung Fu Tea Toronto
Photo Credit: Kung Fu Tea Toronto

10. Kung Fu Tea

When wandering through Toronto, you’re bound to stumble upon Kung Fu Tea. This delightful spot is known for whipping up some of the most delectable bubble tea concoctions the city has to offer.

Those who have visited rave about their Milk Foam Green Tea and Oolong Milk Tea. But let’s not forget the Cocoa Cream Wow Milk Cap!

Kung Fu Tea is paramount at providing a speedy service without compromising quality. Visit during off-peak hours, and you can have your thirst-quenching creation in hand within minutes.

11. Machi Machi

Machi Machi is your next must-try haven for delightful drinks; this vibrant spot in Toronto bursts with joy, just like the bubbles in their tea!

One sip of their Black Milk Tea or Creme Brulee Milk Tea, and you’ll be on cloud nine. And if you’re feeling adventurous, their Fresh Strawberry Green Tea Slush has been stealing hearts left and right.

Elevate your drink game with a Matcha Latte with Panna Cotta. Talk about a match(a) made in heaven!

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12. The Alley

The Alley is a delightful bubble tea spot in Toronto that charms visitors with its unique coffee blends and bubble tea offerings.

This cozy haven is the first of its kind, boasting a multi-purpose room, working pods, and a lounge area.

Can’t decide what to order? Customers rave about the Iron Goddess Milk Tea and the Alley Trio Milk Tea. Looking for something more refreshing? Give the Northern Lights a try.

The Alley’s Deerioca series is a must-try! Featuring their homemade tapioca pearls, this delicious treat is the star of the show.

Nothing beats sipping some top-notch bubble tea while taking in the lovely ambiance at The Alley.

The Alley
Photo Credit: The Alley

13. OneZo Tapioca

You’re about to discover your new obsession in Toronto – OneZo Tapioca! This beloved tea spot is known for whipping up some of the most delightful beverages in town, with their tapioca pearls stealing the spotlight.

They’re handmade in-house daily, ensuring a perfect chewy texture that’ll have you coming back for more.

You might want to try the popular Totaro Tapioca Milk Tea, or go for a Jasmine Green Latte if you’re feeling fancy.

Looking for something fruity? Grab a OneZo Fruit Tea and sip your way to happiness. OneZo also offers six different flavored tapioca pearls. Yes, you read that right!

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14. Presotea

Presotea is a Taiwanese global franchise teahouse that has got everything your heart desires – from freshly made bubble tea to fruit tea and slushes!

Try customer favorites like the famous Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea or the refreshing Mango Green Tea.

With so many delightful choices, you’ll have a hard time picking just one (but hey, who says you can’t come back for more?).

Photo Credit: Presotea

15. Bobo Tea & Juice

At Bobo Tea & Juice, you’ll find an amazing assortment of bubble tea drinks with all the flavors and toppings your heart could desire.

This tea haven is more than just a place to quench your thirst; it’s an adventure waiting for you!

A fan favorite and highly recommended is their smoothie with fresh fruit – it’s like a fruity party of flavors you’d never want to miss.

Remember, fortune favors the bold–so why not step out of your comfort zone and try something new?

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16. Royaltea

Royaltea is a bubble tea haven nestled in the heart of Toronto. This spot takes your typical bubble tea indulgence to new heights, serving it in custom lightbulb containers that are sure to brighten your day.

As you sip your way through a playground of flavors, why not begin with the crowd favorite, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea?

This delightful concoction balances bold, sugary pearls with the velvety richness of milk tea, creating an irresistible fusion in a creative container.

If you’re craving a lesser-known but equally delectable option, Royaltea’s Taro Milk Tea is rumored to be a hidden treasure, loved by bubble tea enthusiasts. Embrace this lovely lilac libation, and you just might discover a newfound favorite.

Royal Tea Toronto
Photo Credit: Royal Tea Toronto

17. Boba Boy

Toronto is home to Boba Boy, a place that’s bursting with flavor and fun. With a variety of teas to pick from, you’ll be sipping your way to happiness in no time.

A visit to Boba Boy must include tasting their classic milk teas. Their taro and honey milk teas are refreshing and just the right amount of sweetness. These have won the hearts of many Torontonians!

Check out their menu for even more popular options. Surely, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy.

But hey, we’re not just here for the classic flavors. For a unique taste adventure, try their Winter Melon Milk Tea. It’s a delightful surprise!

Final Thoughts

We’ve sipped and slurped our way through the boba scene in Toronto. From silky milk teas to zesty fruity blends, this city’s bubble tea game is strong!

Now, before you dash off on a boba expedition, how about we tickle your fancy with another culinary journey?

Oh, the flakiness, the buttery aroma, the delicate layers… dive into our next delectable adventure: the quest for the best croissants in Toronto!