17 Romantic Date Night Restaurants in Charleston, SC

Ready to take your date night to the next level in the charming streets of Charleston, SC? With a city bursting with romantic ambiance, mouth-watering cuisine, and historic appeal, making a choice can be overwhelming.

Dive into this exclusive guide to discover the crème de la crème of eateries perfect for kindling romance.

Whether you’re celebrating a special moment or simply craving a cozy evening, these Charleston gems promise a night you and your partner won’t soon forget!

Charleston Grill romantic restaurant
Photo Credit: Charleston Grill

1. Charleston Grill

Charleston Grill is a fantastic spot for a romantic date night in the heart of the historic city. This elegant restaurant showcases Contemporary Lowcountry cuisine with a French twist.

It’s not just the food that makes Charleston Grill stand out; the ambiance is also perfect for a date night. Soft candlelight and live jazz music set the mood while you enjoy the company of your significant other.

On the menu, customers rave about the seafood dishes like seared scallops, which are prepared using fresh, local ingredients.

A must-try is their signature crab cake, known for its mouthwatering flavors and delightful presentation.

Here’s a little secret: Request a quiet corner table for added intimacy, and keep your eyes peeled for the occasional local celebrity sighting. Trust us, your date will be impressed!

2. Chez Nous

If you’re searching for a romantic spot to sweep your significant other off their feet, Chez Nous is the perfect place for a cozy, intimate evening.

Nestled in a charming antebellum house, this hidden gem provides the ultimate escape in downtown Charleston.

At Chez Nous, you’ll find the menu changing daily, offering a unique dining experience every time.

Customers rave about their French and European-inspired dishes; be sure to keep an eye out for any mouthwatering specials!

And don’t forget to ask the knowledgeable staff for their wine recommendations. They’re always eager to help you select the perfect pairing to complement your meal.

48 hour short rib at Chasing Sage Charleston
Photo Credit: Chasing Sage Charleston

3. Chasing Sage

Charleston’s dining scene sure knows how to sweep you off your feet, and Chasing Sage is no exception! This eatery is filled with genuine hospitality and thoughtfully crafted dishes right in the heart of Charleston.

When it comes to deliciousness, Chasing Sage is the talk of the town. Their menu showcases pristine ingredients in every dish.

If you’re in the mood for something savory, the crispy spring onion dumplings are a must-try. Looking for something a bit more indulgent? The 48-hour Short Rib will leave you craving more.

Their seemingly simple Rustic Sourdough has captured the hearts of many patrons. And believe it or not, Chasing Sage is all about respecting the land, which shows in the care they put into their dishes.

So, when you’re looking to take your date night game up a notch in Charleston, be sure to give Chasing Sage a try.

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4. Malagón

If you’re looking for romance and an authentic taste of Spain, Malagón is the spot for your next date night in Charleston.

This charming market and tapería tucked away in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood will have you falling in love with the ambiance and flavors as soon as you walk in.

What sets Malagón apart is their dedication to offering an exclusive Spanish cuisine experience. From their meticulously crafted tapas to their fine selection of Spanish wines, every aspect of this restaurant is designed to whisk you away to the vibrant streets of Spain.

Fan favorites include La Bomba De La Barceloneta, Churros, Marinated Lamb, Sobrasada Con Queso, and Pork Belly.

Call ahead to reserve your table, as this popular date night spot fills up fast!

Magnolias Charleston
Photo Credit: Magnolias Charleston

5. Magnolias

Looking for a charming restaurant for a romantic date night in Charleston? Magnolias might be the ideal spot!

With its beautiful ambiance and legendary Southern cuisine, Magnolias creates a magical dining experience that you and your date will absolutely adore.

Now, let’s talk about the scrumptious food. The current menu at Magnolias features customer-favorite dishes like the Down South Egg Roll and the Shellfish over Grits.

These mouthwatering plates showcase Southern flavors with a creative twist, and are sure to impress both you and your date.

Chef Don Drake, who has been with Magnolias since 1991, is one of the driving forces behind the restaurant’s success. He is constantly innovating and refining the menu, keeping Magnolias at the top of the nation’s list for exceptional Southern food.

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6. Vincent Chicco’s

Step into the cozy atmosphere of Vincent Chicco’s, an Italian-American gem nestled in the heart of Charleston, where you’ll discover authentic ingredients, handmade pasta, and rich homemade sauces.

With its vaulted ceilings and elegant exposed brick, this inviting spot will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a candlelit trattoria in Italy, making it perfect for a romantic date night.

Favorites among patrons include their scrumptious Cacio e Tartufo, mouthwatering Tuscan Braised Short Rib, and lovely Seasonal Risotto.

As an added bonus, the full-service bar boasts some delightful Italian wines that pair perfectly with your meal.

Vincent Chicco’s private dining room, hidden away above the restaurant, can be transformed into an enchanting space for special occasions, hosting up to 100 guests!

Peninsula Grill
Photo Credit: Peninsula Grill

7. Peninsula Grill

If you’re seeking that perfect spot for your special date night, Peninsula Grill has got you covered. This charming restaurant will send your heart aflutter, nestled in the heart of Charleston’s Historic District amidst a moonlit garden.

Peninsula Grill’s romantic ambiance, combined with its amazing food like the Lobster 3 Ways, makes it the perfect spot to sweep your special someone off their feet.

The mouth-watering Lowcountry cuisine is definitely something to talk about. Let your taste buds fall in love with their legendary coconut cake, a favorite among guests and locals alike.

An insider tip? Make a reservation and request seating in their lush garden, elevating the already enchanting atmosphere. Enjoy, lovebirds!

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8. Circa 1886

Nestled in the heart of Charleston’s historic district, Circa 1886 is a must-visit for a romantic date night.

The enchanting romantic ambiance is second to none, and the restaurant itself is set within the original carriage house of the iconic Wentworth Mansion.

Each dish at Circa 1886 is carefully crafted to offer a modern twist on traditional Lowcountry cuisine.

Diners often sing praises for the delicious roasted duck breast and apple cider-glazed pork belly. Don’t forget to save room for their heavenly desserts, like the Peanut Butter & Banana Gateaux!

What makes Circa 1886 extra special is their ever-changing menu, which means each visit promises to be a unique culinary journey.

Next time you’re planning a date night in Charleston, don’t be afraid to splurge at this captivating hidden gem—you won’t regret it!

Circa 1886
Photo Credit: Circa 1886

9. Indaco

Indaco is the perfect spot for your next date night in Charleston, SC. Nestled on Upper King Street, this romantic Italian restaurant offers a cozy ambiance that will have you swooning.

Now, let’s talk food! At Indaco, you and your better half will indulge in hand-crafted pastas like the tagliatelle and wood-fired pizzas that’ll leave you speechless.

And who could forget their housemade salami and cured sausages that are simply to die for?

Fun fact: Indaco means “indigo” in Italian, bringing forth a vibrant touch of Charleston charm!

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10. Grill 225

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, Grill 225 is the premier steakhouse that you and your date have been waiting for.

As a member of the Great Steak Houses of North America, they take pride in serving 100% USDA Prime Beef, making your date night meal as luxurious as it can get.

Customers can’t stop talking about their famous Nitro Martini, the Nitrotini, making it the perfect cocktail to kickstart your evening.

Once you’ve enjoyed your drink, treat yourselves to customer-favorite dishes like the succulent Prime Filet Mignon or the mouth-watering Fried Lobster Tail.

Not many people know this, but Grill 225 is a hotspot among celebrities visiting Charleston. You never know who you might bump into!

Wild Common
Photo Credit: Wild Common

11. Wild Common

If you’re looking for an extraordinary date night restaurant in Charleston, let us introduce you to Wild Common. This unique spot will give your evening a touch of magic, striking the perfect balance between elegance and excitement.

At Wild Common, creativity abounds as they put a fresh spin on Charleston’s fine dining scene. Customers rave about their innovative tasting menu; a current menu highlight, the Seared Scallops, will make your heart skip a beat!

Wild Common’s intimate atmosphere and stunning art installations set this restaurant apart. You’ll feel like you’ve discovered a secret love nest!

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12. The Grocery

Oh, how we love the charming atmosphere of The Grocery, a delightful spot for your romantic Charleston date night.

This cozy restaurant offers an inviting ambiance, allowing you and your date to sit back and enjoy each other’s company.

The Grocery is known for its delicious seasonal menu that showcases the very best of Charleston’s local ingredients.

Customers rave about the amazing oyster selection and the jaw-droppingly good smoked duck breast. Make sure to try something new each visit so you never miss out!

The Grocery Charleston
Photo Credit: The Grocery Charleston

13. The Ordinary

Oh, The Ordinary! This charming seafood-focused restaurant in Charleston sets the stage for a memorable date night. With its inviting ambiance, you’ll feel the sparks flying the moment you step through the door.

At The Ordinary, you can’t go wrong with their impressive seafood tower selection – a surefire way to win your date’s heart.

The menu also boasts mouthwatering classics like the Cast Iron Wagyu Sirloin, as well as more adventurous options such as Zucchini carpaccio.

Fun fact: The Ordinary is housed in a historic building that once served as a bank! Truly, this hotspot is anything but ordinary.

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14. Husk

Looking to spice up your date night? Get ready to make a reservation at Husk Restaurant, where the atmosphere is as delightful as the food.

Located in historic downtown Charleston, Husk is all about celebrating Southern ingredients. They take pride in staying local by using heirloom products, which means you’re in for an authentic taste of the South!

Customers can’t stop raving about their seafood-focused dishes, like the mouthwatering shrimp and grits.

Now, we can’t talk about Husk without mentioning their knowledgeable and passionate staff. They’re always happy to fill you in on any details about the ingredients or the dishes.

The next time you’re planning a romantic evening out, don’t hesitate to give Husk a try; this charming spot is definitely one for the books.

FIG Charleston date night
Photo Credit: FIG Charleston

15. FIG

Searching for a restaurant that brings pure flavor and a convivial atmosphere to your date night in Charleston, SC?

Your date will be swooning at FIG, a charming local neighborhood restaurant tucked away in downtown Charleston.

You will immediately be captivated by the genuine vibe and cozy ambiance. What makes FIG stand out is their unwavering passion for using quality ingredients and crafting an approachable haven for foodies.

Peek at their seasonal menu, and you’ll find customer-favorite dishes like the mouthwatering ricotta gnocchi or the fresh local fish like snapper and triggerfish.

In the mood to impress your date even more? This restaurant features two James Beard Award-winning Chefs Mike Lata and Jason Stanhope, so you know it’s good!

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16. 82 Queen

If you’re looking for a romantic date night spot in Charleston, SC, 82 Queen is a must-visit destination. This French Quarter restaurant is housed in a historic building, creating a charming atmosphere that’s perfect for a cozy evening.

The restaurant features a cozy patio that’s tucked away, offering a serene and intimate setting for your romantic dinner.

Customers love 82 Queen’s delicious Southern and seafood dishes. Their famous she-crab soup is a hit, while the shrimp and grits is another fan favorite you don’t want to miss out on. Pair it with a fine glass of wine, and you’ve got an irresistible culinary adventure.

82 Queen Charleston
Photo Credit: 82 Queen Charleston

17. Church and Union Charleston

Looking for a romantic date night restaurant in Charleston, SC? Church and Union has got you covered! This lively yet charming New American cuisine restaurant offers a refined atmosphere that is perfect for couples.

As you walk in, you’ll immediately sense the cozy ambiance with its warm lighting and beautifully designed interiors.

The menu offers a diverse range of dishes that cater to various tastes. The current favorites include the mouthwatering Lamb Burger a special of Chef Jamie and the flavor-packed seared scallops.

Pair your meal with a gorgeous glass of wine from their extensive wine list for an extra touch of elegance.

Don’t be surprised if you spot some local celebrities enjoying their meals here, as Church and Union is known to be a favorite among the Charleston elite!

Final Thoughts

And just like that, you’re equipped to swoon your sweetheart with the crème de la crème of Charleston’s date night eateries!

From whispered sweet nothings over candlelit dinners to giggles shared over gourmet delights, Charleston promises not just a meal, but a memory.

But hey, why stop there? Dive deeper into our coastal culinary wonders with our next delicious read: “Waterfront Dining in Charleston” — because, let’s be honest, a side of dreamy ocean views makes everything taste better!