34 Fun Ideas & Things to Do During a Staycation!

Get ready to unpack your curiosity, because the holiday you’re about to embark on is going to involve a mere “staycation!”

You don’t need a passport or even a plane ticket; instead of jetting off somewhere, it’s a chance to slow down and recharge your batteries.

Not having to pay for airfare means you can enjoy activities that would normally be out of reach – think hot stone massages, poolside spa treatments and gourmet dining.

Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always explore your local area – they may just be hiding secrets you never knew were there!

With a staycation, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy. That’s what makes it so great – it almost feels like taking a luxurious vacation without ever leaving your hometown.

From cooking classes to outdoor activities, we promise there’s something in this post that will inspire you! Here are 34 fun things to do during your staycation:

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is where you explore your own hometown and feed that sense of wanderlust with no international flights or visas needed.

You can camp in your backyard, cozy up in chic nearby accommodation spots, or even just make day trips close by.

Traveling without ever having to leave the country – doesn't that sound like vacation bliss? So make sure you wear your comfiest shoes – there will be some exploring ahead!


1. Go on a City Tour

When you’re on a staycation, why not take the opportunity to explore your city? Hop aboard a double-decker bus or join a group tour and go on an adventure – after all, variety is the spice of life!

Get to know what your town has to offer; from historic sites to intriguing shops, uncovering little gems and discovering interesting facts about the area will make for an exciting day out.

Enjoy the sights through the eyes of a tourist and get ready for a journey packed with fun.

Viator or GetYourGuide are amazing places to book guided tours. Punch in your city and give it a go!

Shanghai Nights
Shanghai nights city view

2. Take a Cooking Class

Combining great company with learning how to create an exquisite meal? Now that’s what we call a recipe for success!

A cooking class offers you a chance to really spice up your time off and gives everyone something new to discuss around the dinner table.

In no time, you’ll be whipping up dishes worthy of higher praise than just “it’s edible”.

3. Create Your Own Spa Experience

Ready to get pampered at home? It’s time to take your staycation to the next level.

Creating your own spa experience is the perfect excuse for a little extra self-care, especially if you don’t want to fork over the cash for a professional treatment.

So, grab that face mask from the back of your skincare cupboard, pour yourself a luxurious bubble bath, turn up some calming tunes, lie back and enjoy your own personal spa day!

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4. Go Camping In Your Backyard

There’s nothing like pretending you’re a rugged explorer while being only steps away from your own kitchen!

Going camping in your backyard offers all the fun (and none of the mosquito bites!) that normal camping trips have to offer.

Gather around a campfire, cook some food on an outdoor stove or grill, and tell stories about those “grizzly bears” lurking nearby.

Who knows, maybe the adventure you find in the comfort of your own backyard will make you realize a staycation isn’t so bad after all.

Royal Tyrrell Museum Drumheller Alberta
Royal Tyrrell Museum Drumheller Alberta

5. Visit Local Museums & Galleries

A staycation doesn’t need to offer a complete break from learning and exploration. Visiting local museums and galleries can be an immersive experience that transports you to another place in time.

From Impressionist masterpieces to rare historical artifacts, taking some time to check out the sights your own town has to offer can be informative, exciting, and even inspirational.

Best of all – it’s way more cost-effective than a lengthy road trip! So use your staycation as an opportunity to reconnect with the art, history and culture right in your own backyard.

6. Stay at a Luxury Hotel

Staying in a 5-star hotel when on a staycation is the ultimate way to experience luxury without having to leave your hometown.

Making it all about the accommodation can make you feel like you’re on vacay, while your wallet will thank you for saving on airfare. Instead, splurge on an incredibly comfortable night’s sleep.

For extra indulgence, try out room service or the poolside lounge – both are no doubt superior to what’s available at home!

So why not treat yourself and stay in the lap of luxury just down the road? It may be more local than far-flung, but it’ll still feel like you’ve found heaven right in your own backyard.

7. Organize a Picnic in the Park

Nothing screams joy and relaxation quite like al fresco dining! Stock up on cheese, crackers, and fruit, pack a blanket or two (no one likes picnicking on grass-stained jeans!), and get ready for some sun-sipping and leisurely snacking.

Feel free to spruce things up with a few board games or bring along some friends if you’re feeling social.

What better way to have an adventure without having to go far than enjoying a spot of nature with your favorite nibbles?

winery Okanagan Valley in Canada
winery Okanagan Valley in Canada

8. Visit Local Breweries & Wineries

For a more adult-friendly experience, spruce up your staycation and take a tour at your local breweries and wineries.

Not only are you treating yourself to a mouth-watering sampling of craft beers and wines, but some educational fun too!

Expand your palette, taste something new and learn about the production process from an expert.

And don’t forget to bring home that special bottle or two to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Now that’s what we call an adult vacation!

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9. Go Stargazing

Step aside Zoom meetings, it’s time to log off and head outdoors to appreciate a sky full of twinkling stars. It’s an activity that will make you feel like a tiny speck in the greater universe.

Just grab a blanket and some snacks, find a comfy spot away from light pollution, and take in the majestic beauty that is the night sky.

10. Rent an Airbnb

Airbnb rentals have become increasingly popular as a way to have an affordable vacation right in your own city.

While it can be a great opportunity to go sightseeing and visit tourist attractions, you don’t necessarily always have to leave once you arrive!

Many Airbnb homes come with amenities like a pool, hot tubs and large outdoor spaces for barbecuing where you can really make the most of a staycation.

If that’s not enough excitement, why not indulge yourself in some home-cooked luxury meals from your new kitchen?

With all the options, there’s sure to be something that will make staying in one spot the best kind of vacation!

EcoCamp Patagonia Glamping
EcoCamp Patagonia Glamping

11. Go Glamping

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to experience your staycation, try glamping! It’s great for anyone who loves the outdoors, but also for those who want a cozy bed to crash in afterwards.

Plus, depending on your setup, you can enjoy all the rustic elements of camping without sacrificing creature comforts like electricity and hot showers. Or make it extra special with luxury additions like fancy tents or cabins.

12. Indulge in Fine Dining

Trying delicious new food can provide an enriching experience with minimal effort. While the comfort and convenience of hometown favorites may be tempting, using your time off to go somewhere special can really take your taste buds for a ride.

From upscale eateries offering fine dining to low-key yet sublime bistros, you’re sure to find something that leaves your mouth watering and your heart singing.

You may just discover a hidden gem that quickly becomes part of the standard rotation whenever you’re home!

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13. Explore Local Farmer’s Markets

If you’re looking for something fun to do during your staycation, it’s time to hit up the nearest farmer’s market.

From leafy greens to juicy apples, you won’t know what heavenly ingredients you’ll discover next!

Make things even more interesting by challenging yourself or those around you to find something new or unfamiliar – delving into the unknown is one of the best ways to let adventure reign in.

Who knows? You may get that unique ingredient that takes an old family recipe from good to gourmet.

Pike Place Market Seattle United States
Pike Place Market Seattle United States

14. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Take your staycation up a notch by organizing an exciting scavenger hunt around the city.

Friends and family will have to follow clues and make their way from one spot to another in order to win the grand prize!

With all sorts of interesting places to explore, you’ll feel like a real-life Sherlock Holmes or Carmen Sandiego.

Better yet, make it more fun by giving incentives at each checkpoint, including snacks or small souvenirs along the way.

15. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching never gets old! Whether you’re an experienced naturalist or a complete beginner, spending some time outdoors observing birds is an activity that everyone can enjoy.

It’s an opportunity to step away from the screens and the chaos of daily life, relax and appreciate nature – especially if you’re fortunate enough to spot a rare feathered friend out in the wild!

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16. Visit A Botanical Garden

Visit a local botanical garden – an outdoor oasis that not only looks beautiful but also doubles as an art gallery for mothers nature’s masterpieces.

Pack a picnic and enjoy watching the plants swaying in the gentle breeze!

Plus, with the backdrop of blooming flowers, you’ll be guaranteed to get some Insta-worthy snaps without ever having to leave city limits.

biking by the water
biking by the water

17. Go on a Bike Ride

Explore the city or take a scenic route to see some of its hidden gems.

If you fancy yourself as the outdoor type, why not hop on a bike and get pedaling? Whether it’s discovering your home city’s attractions or getting back to nature with a countryside ride, biking is an awesome way to take your staycation up a gear.

So dust off your handlebars and get set for an exhilarating experience. You might even stumble upon some picture-perfect landmarks that aren’t on the tourist map.

Now that’s the sort of accidental discovery that will have you breaking the tape in style!

18. Go on a Road Trip

How about going on a road trip? Why stay where you are when you can explore the city from a different angle!

Pack up some snacks, roll down the windows and hit the open road. You don’t even have to wander too far; why not head out in search of new restaurants, stores and parks in your local area?

Not only will it be an adventure, but it’ll be cheaper than taking an actual vacation. Blast some jams as you road trip—it’s an easy way to make every day feel like a Friday!

19. Catch a Live Show

Treat yourself to a live performance for an immersive and energizing night out. Take your pick from local comedians, musicians, theater shows, and more.

Whether it be stand-up from your city’s funniest locals or Broadway hits, snag some tickets and get ready for the show of lifetime… at least until you go on your next one.

live show in Vancouver BC
live show in Vancouver BC

20. Go Geocaching

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, try geocaching – it’s a real-world treasure-hunting game that uses GPS coordinates to find hidden containers.

For an action-packed weekend, it’s time you went geocaching. Yes, you heard right – real-world treasure hunting!

There is nothing more fun than a day spent finding hidden geocaches, and in today’s age, much of the search relies on modern GPS technology.

If that doesn’t motivate you to get off the couch and head outside, then nothing will!

21. Explore Local Hiking Trails

Going for a hike is the perfect way to give yourself the holiday feel without going on vacation – things can get pretty wild with all that nature around!

Not only does exploring local hiking trails broaden your horizon, it also gets your heart rate up and keeps you active.

There’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors and turn your staycation into an adventure.

22. Go on a Shopping Spree

Going on a shopping spree while on staycation might sound like a strange suggestion, but think about it – what better way to discover the hidden gems of your hometown than by exploring different shops and stores?

From thrift stores with treasures ready to be discovered, to interesting specialty stores selling unique finds, going on a shopping spree will surely add some pizzazz and extra excitement to your staycation.

It’s the perfect way to test out your fashion sense and find something special. Bonus points if you purchase something that helps spruce up your home for when visitors come over!

boat on Lago di Braies Italy
boat on Lago di Braies Italy

23. Rent a Boat

A boat rental might just add some much-needed excitement to your stay-at-home adventure.

Take a sail around the peaceful waters and forget the world for a while. Recharge with no traffic or schedules! Bring your snacks, turn up the tunes, and let the stress drift away.

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24. Go Bar Hopping

Staycations are a great time to explore your city and discover fun new places, and one of the best ways to do that is by going bar hopping.

It’s an exciting way to check out multiple spots in one night – think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure style of partying.

Taste all the different drinks from the unique bars, take pictures of the quirky decorations and immerse in the fun vibes.

25. Chase the Sunset (Or Sunrise)

If you’re looking for a more laid-back way to keep busy during your staycation – chase the sunset.

Pack up your picnic blanket, some snacks and hot drinks, and head out to catch the perfect view of the sunset or sunrise.

Soak in the reflection of light from the sky onto water, take some breathtaking photos, and make sure to appreciate every moment. It’s a magical experience you’ll want to relive again and again.

Eiffel Tower in Paris France
Eiffel Tower in Paris France

26. Check Out Historic Landmarks

If you’re looking to get a deeper sense of the city, why not check out the iconic landmarks and monuments?

The historical places in your city provide an interesting glimpse into its past. So, take this opportunity to do some exploring and learn more about the people and events that shaped your city into what it is today.

You’ll come out with a much better understanding of your hometown. Maybe you’ll even find some hidden gems!

27. Paint From Home

Take a break from technology by painting or drawing from home! Just grab some paper, paints, and brushes – it’s as easy as that.

It’s a great way to relax and express yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover your inner Picasso!

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28. Go Bowling

Strike up the fun with some classic laneside competition. Gather your friends and family, choose some teams and roll the night away.

Bowling is the perfect staycation activity for all ages – a guaranteed way to turn your mini vacation into something special.

Bowling ball and bowling pin
Bowling ball and bowling pin

29. Check Out an Outdoor Movie Theater

Enjoy classic films under the stars! Outdoor movie theaters are gaining in popularity and offer a unique experience that you can’t find inside the traditional theater.

Grab a blanket and some snacks and get ready to be transported into your favorite stories while in the comfort of your own city. Maybe even host your own outdoor movie night with friends!

30. Go Fishing

If you’re looking for an outdoor activity that’s a little more on the quiet side, head out to your nearest lake or river and try some fishing.

It’s a great way to relax and take in some of the beautiful scenery. If you’re lucky, you might even catch dinner!

So grab your fishing rod, pack up your bait and tackle box – it’s time to make some memories.

31. Visit Local Attractions

Every city has local attractions that it’s famous for; make the most of your staycation by visiting some iconic spots and taking pictures for the ‘Gram!

You may even find some places you never knew existed. So, don’t forget to have plenty of fun while exploring your own city – it’s a great way to get reacquainted with what’s in your backyard.

Whistler BC Canada
Whistler BC Canada

32. Hit the Slopes

Live near a ski town? Then why not hit the slopes? Slipping and sliding down a mountain of powdery snow is one of the best ways to have some winter fun.

Just grab some warm layers and ski boots, and you’re good to go!

33. Take Part in a Volunteer Project

Make a difference in the community by taking part in an organized service project.

You can volunteer at a local homeless shelter, school, or park. It’s an opportunity to give back and make a positive impact – one that you’ll remember for years to come.

34. Have a Beach Day

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the beach, make sure to take advantage of it.

Take a stroll down the shoreline, build sandcastles with your family, or just relax in one of the colorful beach chairs and enjoy the view.

You can even bring along some fun beach games like volleyball and frisbee for some extra entertainment.