14 Fun Things to Do in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Residents of Seattle, you may think you know Capitol Hill inside and out – but do you really?

There’s more to this friendly neighborhood than what meets the eye!

Whether it’s attending an art gallery event or grabbing late-night street food from around the world, it’s never too late to explore.

Here’s a fresh take on 14 unmissable things to do in Capitol Hill:

1. Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace is why Seattleites are so full of life – or, you know, constantly caffeinated.

Started by David Schomer (known for making latte art mainstream in the United States), this proud local caffeine haven serves up beans that are the envy of cities across the nation.

You can find three locations throughout Seattle, and the flagship Capitol Hill haunt serves as a prime spot to pick up some steaming java.

Espresso Vivace Capitol Hill Seattle WA
Photo by Espresso Vivace Capitol Hill Seattle WA

2. Capitol Hill Block Party

Capitol Hill Block Party is the essence of summertime in Seattle. It’s the music, the people, and the beer gardens that make this three-day blast from an ordinary weekend something special.

With its six stages – both indoor and outdoor – no matter where you go, you’re bound to hear a beat of good vibes.

One thing’s for sure: Capitol Hill Block Party will have you making memories until next year’s event!

3. SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Capital Hill has just the thing for movie buffs – the SIFF Cinema Egyptian! It’s been around since 1915 when it was built as a Masonic temple, featuring awe-inspiring architecture.

These days, the theater continues to delight audiences with films spanning the indie and classic collections of genres, foreign language cinema and documentaries.

And if you’re lucky enough to still be in town during Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF), you’re sure to find some gems showing here!

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4. Rock Box Karaoke

Get ready to be the divas and rockstars you’ve always wanted to be at Rock Box Karaoke in Capitol Hill!

Forget about those pricey karaoke bars – here, you can have all the singing fun you want without breaking the bank.

With a wide selection of songs, a great sound system, and private rooms for booking – this Japanese-style karaoke club is the perfect spot for your next hang out.

Plus, they have happy hour specials and snacks if you need to fuel up while belting out your favorite tunes.

So if you are looking to put yourself in the spotlight, this is definitely where you ought to be.

5. Street Food at Nue

Take a trip around the globe without ever leaving Capitol Hill by stopping at Nue.

Here you’ll find unique takes on street food from literally anywhere, or dare we say, everywhere.

The decor is sure to transport you even further with global memorabilia packed all around the dining room.

And if you’re really looking for something special, order the Chengdu Spicy Jumbo Chicken Wings – you won’t regret it.

For those that need a little pick-me-up, try their perfect mix of Vietnamese coffee with a splash of Irish whiskey – the McNguyen.

Tonkotsu Ramen at Betsutenjin Ramen Capitol Hill
Tonkotsu Ramen at Betsutenjin Ramen Capitol Hill

6. Betsutenjin Ramen

Capitol Hill’s beloved Betsutenjin Ramen is the place to be if you’re looking for something truly hearty.

Enjoy their famous Hakata-style pork bone ramen, with flavors that will pique any noodle lover’s curiosity.

The 8+ hour simmering process means that its silky smooth pork bone broth packs a flavor punch you won’t find elsewhere.

Plus, with delectable seared pork cha-siu and dumplings, you’ll be feeling warmth through the soul with every slurp!

7. Elliott Bay Book Company

The Elliott Bay Book Company is the perfect place to escape Seattle’s often-dreary weather and find a good read!

Located in Capitol Hill, this independent bookshop offers an impressive selection of books and welcomes browsers with open arms…or at least open book spines.

With its cozy on-site cafe, you can get lost in a captivating novel while sipping on some comforting tea.

Stop by to find your favorite new read – and don’t blame us if you lose track of time!

8. Volunteer Park Conservatory

Visiting Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill is like taking a mini escape from Seattle.

Featuring 3,426 individual panes of glass, this subtropical paradise is brimming with rare plants from around the world.

Even the most ardent black thumbs will be tempted to get their gardening gloves on.

Once you’re done there, make your way out into Volunteer Park to enjoy some sweeping views of Seattle’s skyline.

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9. Neumos

If you don’t know what to do in Seattle for the night, head over to Neumos!

It’s one place that literally has it all – from indie rock to hip-hop, even country – plus three different bars. Talk about an all-inclusive entertainment place.

They also have themed dance parties that they throw occasionally – time to show off your moves!

10. Seattle Asian Art Museum

Hop on over to the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park and be transported halfway across the world!

See treasures like ancient Chinese ceramics, Japanese paintings and calligraphy, intricate carvings from India and more.

Not just a showcase of artifacts from centuries past, visitors can expect to find a wide range of contemporary art from Asia as well.

In short, it’s an absolute must-visit for any adventure-seeker with an eye for unique cultural experiences.

Of course, don’t forget to check the website for the latest exhibition so you don’t miss out on anything during your travels.

11. Blade & Timber Axe Throwing

If you need a break from the traditional bar scene or want to do something unique, axe throwing at Blade & Timber has you covered.

Forget dartboards, because it’s time to sharpen your big boy knives and let your inner lumberjack do some damage!

With certified coaches on hand providing helpful tips and insight, as well as a variety of axe-throwing games and a photo booth, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a blast.

12. Go Bar-Hopping

Capitol Hill in Seattle is a hub for nightlife, with a diverse range of bars to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for a trendy cocktail bar or a neighborhood dive, you’ll find it here!

Unicorn is a carnival-themed bar with whimsical drinks and food, plus arcade games such as pinball machines.

Or you can check out Tavern Law, a speakeasy-style bar with delicious cocktails and a cozy atmosphere.

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13. Hit the Dance Floor

Q Nightclub is sure to bring all the energy you need, with drinks, dancing and music sweeping through its multi-leveled environment with tasteful decor and plenty of private areas to get lost in.

But if you’d rather go for something a bit more intimate, The Mercury awaits you – its dark atmosphere provides solace away from the bustling city life while goth interior gives off a vibe like no other.

However, if you’re on the lookout for something even more unique, Havana’s got that covered – flavorful drinks livened up even further by throbbing beats – promising an evening full of nostalgic Havana vibes!

14. Cal Anderson Park

Cal Anderson – the much-loved park situated in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood – is a hub of activity for locals and tourists alike.

It boasts more than enough to keep you busy, from peaceful promenade paths and massive chessboards perfect for settling a dispute or two.