15 Fun Things to Do in Malibu for Couples

If you’re looking for some quality time with your special someone, then look no further than Malibu!

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or just need a little inspiration, this beachside paradise is sure to set the stage.

From tasting the finest wines and lounging on sunny beaches to taking an adventurous hike, there’s something for every couple.

So sharpen your pencils and take some notes – here are 15 things to do in Malibu for couples that are sure to add some sizzle to your day!

1. Stroll The Malibu Pier

If you and your special someone are seeking the perfect setting to enjoy each other’s company while taking in stunning views, a stroll along Malibu Pier is an absolute must.

Get ready to take some cute pics of your lovefest – this pier is picture-perfect!

When your toes are done wiggling through the sand, there is plenty more to explore at the pier as well, including wineries, art galleries and spas.

As the sun sets, watch with wonder as the vibrant oranges and pinks contrast the deep blues of the ocean – it doesn’t get much better than that.

Who knew getting a little ocean breeze with your significant other could be so much fun?

Malibu Wine Hike
Malibu Wine Tasting Hike Photo by Viator

2. Wine Tasting Hike

In the mood to pop some corks? Embrace the high lifestyle in Malibu and go for a unique wine tasting with your honey.

Between indulging in the finest wines and exploring 2.5 miles of gorgeous trails, your love story will be well on its way to be the next romantic hit.

Gain bragging rights and take home a complimentary bottle of wine too!

Don’t miss out on this classy date idea; it’s far from what you would expect in Malibu.

3. El Matador Beach

At El Matador Beach, show up early to begin your day admiring the sunrise, or wait until later to cast your gaze upon the glowing sunset – either way, you’ll be in for a treat.

Aside from postcard-worthy beach views, El Matador’s rocky landscape promises exploration in all its crevices and caves.

So forget your normal beach vibes and take on some seafront fun at El Matador Beach!

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4. Eat at Neptune’s Net

Malibu’s Neptune’s Net is a classic fish shack that has been filling hungry tummies since 1956.

This fish shack is practically a Hollywood star in its own right, having been featured in countless movies and frequented by celebs.

It may take a while to get your grub due to the long line ups, but it’s definitely worth the wait!

If you’re looking to up the romance, grab some food and head out for an intimate lunch by the beach.

Electric Mountain Bike Tour in Malibu
Electric Mountain Bike Tour in Malibu Photo by Viator

5. Go Mountain Biking

Strap on your helmet, hop on your electric ride, and hit the trails with a guided mountain bike tour.

Take in the stunning views of Malibu as you speed along winding trails, tackling hills and more.

Don’t let lack of experience stop you either – even the biggest of novices will find themselves conquering the trails in no time with the help of these e-bikes.

Give it a try, nothing says romance like zooming through the great outdoors!

6. Malibu Lagoon Museum

Couples looking for unique things to do in Malibu should check out the Lagoon Museum – it’s off the beaten path but guaranteed to offer some fun!

Hosting exhibits that detail the fascinating history of the region, this museum gives visitors a glimpse into what Malibu used to be (hint: it ain’t no beach town as we know it).

Primarily showcasing artifacts, photos and documents from the era of ranching, you can learn about what life was like for the Chumash Indians in this part of California long before it became a luxurious beachy playground for celebrities and millionaires.

Located next to the iconic Adamson House, anyone can visit the small museum and appreciate some old-fashioned history (no glitz and glamour here!).

7. Join a Guided Malibu Tour

Get ready to impress your date, because now you’ve got the perfect way to show them just how romantic the California coast can be.

Along with an experienced guide, you and your date can soak up the sun while making stops at Paradise Cove, Point Dume State Beach, and taking memorable snaps by the highlights of Malibu.

With beautiful views and sun-drenched beaches at every corner, this guided coastal tour is sure to leave a lasting impression on your day out together!

Wine and Food Tour in Malibu
Wine and Food Tour in Malibu Photo by Viator

8. Romantic Dinner at Nobu

Channeling Japanese architecture, a dining experience at Nobu is more than just about the food: its Instagram-worthiness makes it one of the best in terms of eclectic ambiance.

Iron Chef Nobu Matsuhisa serves up delectable dishes like Tiradito, Rock Shrimp Tempura and Black Cod Miso.

Meanwhile, Executive Chef Gregorio Stephenson has a Ribeye with Truffle Butter Sauce that must be tasted to be believed.

Located directly on the beachfront, sunsets here are oh-so-romantic.

So go ahead – make sure to snap a pic of you two against this majestic backdrop and call it love at first bite!

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9. Go Horseback Riding

If you’re looking for something unique to do in Malibu and don’t mind some whip-cracking action, then check out Paramount Ranch: Malibu’s hidden cowboy town!

From the realistic Western buildings to the atmosphere of adventure, this secret spot is the perfect place for your date day; whether you’re a movie lover or want a bit of that Wild West feel, Paramount Ranch won’t disappoint!

Afterwards, take a break to refuel with lunch at The Old Place – somewhere worn and rustic enough to echo that rugged ranch vibe. Saddle up – it’s gonna be one heckuva ride!

10. Shop at Palisades Village

Palisades Village is the perfect pick for a low-key date. Just a 30-minute drive from Malibu, it’s an adorable outdoor shopping mall that, while small, has enough variety to keep you and your date entertained.

Check out the countless shops, grab dinner, drinks or dessert – or take a leisurely stroll together.

Let your inner shopaholic loose on the boutiques, then wander around the blocks to find hidden gems. Sounds like a dreamy Malibu day-date!

11. Circle X Ranch

You’ll want to make sure you wear your hiking shoes and maybe even pack your camping gear; Circle X Ranch is an adrenaline rush waiting to happen.

With a variety of activities that will make your heart pump a mile a minute, it’s sure to give you a great sense of achievement – especially when you reach the summit and catch that beautiful Malibu view.

Enjoy the thrill of physical activity mixed with the awe-inspiring beauty around you – the perfect recipe for success on any outdoor trip!

12. Malibu Creek State Park

Looking for a romantic, outdoorsy date? Malibu Creek State Park offers 15 miles of trails winding through all sorts of hidden gems.

It’s the site of multiple TV show sets, so you may even catch a glimpse of what remains of M*A*S*H or Planet of the Apes.

There are plenty of trails for walking or biking and several swimming holes, great for dipping your toes in, although don’t expect to do any serious swimming due to the low water levels.

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13. Hang Out at Paradise Cove

Paradise Cove in Malibu is the perfect date spot for a cozy and romantic afternoon by the sea.

For lovers of celebrities from days gone by, you’ll be happy to learn that Marilyn Monroe has been photographed here!

Splurge a bit and rent one of the private beach options or simply stroll around for free if you are on a budget.

Also, don’t miss out on the cafe’s fresh seafood treats; they credit your parking fee right back to your tab!

Stand up paddle board in Malibu California
Stand up paddle board in Malibu Photo by Viator

14. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

SUPing in Malibu is a great way to liven up your date. Who doesn’t love a workout with a view?

Leave your phone behind and don’t forget sunscreen as you paddle out of the shoreline to see some of the most picturesque views along the California coastline.

Enjoy some peaceful paddling, or get competitive and make it a game! Race back to shore; the loser has to buy ice cream afterwards.

15. Have Fun With the Waves

For couples looking to make a splash in Malibu, the only way is with Malibu Coastal Adventures.

Whether you want to frolic with sea lions on Santa Cruz Island or take your sailboat dreams out on the waves, they offer excursions and lessons

From wild whale watching off Santa Cruz Island to checking out sea caves on paddleboards – your aquatic ambitions await.

But if you’d rather stay closer to shore, they’ve got that covered too. Surfers can enjoy custom lessons tailored just for two on one of Malibu’s beautiful beaches.