15 Fun Things to Do in Venice at Night

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and it really lives up to its reputation when you experience it after the sun goes down.

With all the street merchants, gondoliers, and brass bands in full swing, nighttime Venice is one of the most lively places on Earth.

Here’s a guide to some of the best things to do in Venice at night.

1. Take a Moonlit Gondola Ride

Venice is world-renowned for its gondolas and there’s no better way to see the city at night than from your own personal boat cruising along the famous waterways.

The gondoliers will take you on a romantic ride through the canals of Venice, serenading you all the way with their beautiful music as they glide past an enchanting show of lit-up buildings.

The expertly trained professionals will navigate around various landmarks such as St Mark’s Basilica, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge & many more!

La Fenice Theater interior venice italy
teatro la fenice interior

2. Watch a Show at Teatro La Fenice Opera House

Teatro La Fenice is one of the most famous opera houses in the world, and if you’re looking for something cultural to do in Venice, then this is it.

The opera house is located in the heart of the city and there are showings almost every day of the week.

Most of them start around 8pm or 9pm so you can catch a show after dinner.

3. Have a Drink at Harry’s Bar

This is one of Venice’s most famous bars and it really lives up to its reputation when it comes to being an exciting place after dark.

Harry’s Bar has been around since 1931 and was frequented by Ernest Hemingway, who wrote a book about it in the 50s.

This bar is just a 3-minute walk from Saint Mark’s Square, so you’ll never have trouble finding this lively spot that serves delicious cocktails.

Try their popular Aperol Spritz or Negronis for those looking for something more potent than your average drink!

4. Grand Canal Evening Boat Tour

The city is considered one of the most romantic in Europe, and its picturesque setting makes it perfect for an evening boat tour.

With your guide’s expert knowledge, you’ll hear all about Venetian history as well as get some insight into local customs from this culturally rich destination that has been around since the 5th century.

You will take in the city’s most iconic landmarks, including Piazza San Marco, Ca’ d’Oro, San Giorgio Maggiore, and pass under the Rialto Bridge on this tour.

Rialto Bridge Night Venice Italy
rialto bridge at night

5. Enjoy An Evening Walk Along the Rialto Bridge

This is another of the most famous sites in Venice and it always comes alive at night.

When you visit here after dark, enjoy some amazing views as you walk along the bridge and look out over the Grand Canal.

Make sure to stop by one of the many restaurants along here for a romantic dinner while you’re there!

You’ll also find that this area has lots of great shopping opportunities if your budget allows it.

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6. Visit Saint Mark’s Basilica & Square After Dark

Saint Mark’s Square is one of the most famous sites in Venice. This area comes alive with street musicians playing classical music late into the night, which gives everything around it a magical feel.

Located within the same square is Saint Mark’s Basilica – one of the most beautiful churches in the world and is particularly stunning when lit up at night.

This is one of the most famous churches in all of Italy and has been visited by millions over the years, including some notable figures such as Mark Twain and King Henry VIII.

Known for its intricate mosaic work on the floor and walls, this is also one of the most popular spots for visitors to stop by in Venice as it is filled with many priceless works of art.

St. Mark's Square & Basilica Tour

A nighttime guided tour is a great opportunity for you to explore St. Mark's Square and Basilica with the knowledge of an expert local guide.


7. Walk Around Venice City at Night

This is something you can do without a guide in Venice and it’s one of the best things to do here at night.

It’s a great way to explore the city on foot and you’ll be able to experience some more of the true charm of this place as you go.

If you’re looking for a carefree and enchanting evening, this will help you get a taste of that feeling!

Venice Night Walking Tour

Prefer a guided tour of Venice at night by local experts?

The city is steeped in history and creates an elegant mix of beauty, culture, and romance that makes for an unforgettable experience.

Your guide will show you hidden gems around every turn as well as share historical facts about this magnificent city.

Dark alley venice italy
venice alley at night

8. Venice Haunted Ghost Tour

The narrow streets of Venice come alive with the city’s ancient legends and spine-tingling ghost stories in this haunted walking tour.

The walk is led by an expert guide who will introduce you to hidden alleys, creepy squares, and even a secret passageway that’s full of history, mystery and intrigue.

You’ll get a chance to see many landmarks and listen to haunting tales from local Venetians about their favorite haunts!

9. Enjoy the Finest Italian Food & Wines

Book the evening timeslot for this wine and food tour in Venice.

A private guide will take you on a 3-hour long walk through some of the most picturesque streets of Venice, stopping at eight different venues along the way.

With an emphasis on authentic local ingredients, you’ll be able to sample a wide variety of food and drinks while learning about Italian culture with your group.

This tour is perfect for those who want to experience the city at its heart and is sure to give you a new appreciation for what it means to live and eat well!

10. Enjoy Live Music at the Venice Jazz Club

The Venice Jazz Club is located in the artsy district of Dorsoduro, inside a small and intimate venue that holds up to 50 people.

Just a 4-minute walk from the Ca’ Rezzonico Museum, this jazz club hosts concerts on select days featuring both well-known and up-and-coming artists.

Venice Jazz Club is a great spot for music lovers to enjoy some of Venice’s most talented musicians.

Doges palace venice italy night
doge's palace at night

11. Tour the Doge’s Palace at Night

The Doge’s Palace is a large and impressive building that overlooks St. Mark’s Square and is filled with a number of works of art.

This building was the seat of government in Venice for hundreds of years and served as the home to the most powerful man in town.

This building has been featured in many films over the years and is one of the most iconic landmarks in Venice.

During your visit, you will be guided through numerous rooms that have been restored to their original glory over time, including areas where important political decisions were made as well as where members of aristocratic families resided.

You can even see some original prison cells that are still standing within the palace walls.

12. Have a Drink at TiME Social Bar

TiME Social Bar is a craft cocktail bar that serves up hand-crafted beverages and innovative small bites.

The chill vibe of the place makes it perfect for people-watching or just winding down after hours – a great spot for those who enjoy a creative cocktail or craft beer and are looking for something a little different than the typical bar scene.

13. Lagoon Tour with Dinner Aboard a Ship

Sail through the Venetian Lagoon aboard the Galleon and treat yourself to a candlelit dinner as you cruise along in this romantic boat ride that will leave your heart soaring.

The sunset views from onboard are especially breathtaking, with mysterious canals winding off into golden-hued palaces of light.

Enjoy an authentic Italian seafood dinner prepared with the freshest ingredients, and sip on a glass of fine wine as you gaze out at the city’s shimmering skyline.

The lagoon tour is a great way to end your night in Venice – it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

14. Visit an Underground Crypt

Considered one of Europe’s most atmospheric places to visit in case you’re looking for an unusual night out or want to explore something different from the crowds on Saint Mark’s Square.

Your underground journey begins with a walking tour of the Dorsoduro district, where you’ll learn about the city’s dark history.

Next, you’ll descend into the underground crypt to explore the remains of the city’s ancient foundations.

The guide will share stories of Venetian curses and ghosts who roam the island’s many passageways.

carnival of venice
carnival of venice

15. Visit the Carnival of Venice

Taking place only once a year in February, Venice holds one of the most renowned events in the world and it’s no surprise that there are so many amazing things to see and do during this time.

If you’re lucky enough to visit during this time, it’s a chance to see the city at its most vibrant, where the citizens dress up in elaborate costumes and masks and take to the streets to celebrate with lively music, performances and parades.

Take a break from real life and glam up in a costume for the Mascheranda Grand Ball, an extravagant masked ball that takes place in Palazzo Pisani Moretta, with live music and a sumptuous feast.