12 of the Best Places to See Turtles in Kauai

Have you ever dreamed of seeing one of the most majestic marine creatures in their natural environment?

This tropical island is a haven for many kinds of turtles, otherwise known as “honu” in this part of the world!

If it’s your life goal to spot one of these beauties in all their splendor, then this article is perfect for you.

Here, we’ll be giving you the ultimate guide to finding the best spots to see turtles in Kauai. With our help, your dreams will soon come true!

Important Note About Turtles

A sunny day at the beach? Sounds like a turtle's paradise. But if you want to be their pal, we suggest keeping your distance.

Federal law mandates that turtles are protected and the penalty for illegal contact is steep!


Turtles on Kauai's South Shore

There’s no need to be the tortoise and the hare when it comes to finding turtles on the South Shore of Kauai – they’re everywhere!

Perfect feeding grounds mean that these gorgeous sea creatures are easily spotted if you just wait long enough.

There’s no better chance to feel connected with nature than by observing turtles in their natural habitat – plus, you never know what other surprises await along the shore.

So grab your binoculars and hit the brakes, because you don’t want to miss out!

1. Lawai Beach

Looking to catch a glimpse of some of Hawaii’s most beloved friends? Look no further than the shores of Lawai Beach.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Beach House restaurant, you can jump right in, relax and keep an eye out for some sea turtles.

These waters are generally pretty shallow, so swimmers of all shapes and sizes can take it easy here. Of course, you might also spot a wide variety of tropical fish as well.

To up your chances of spotting a honu, spend your time in a spot in front of the restaurant – it’s their favorite snack spot!

2. Brennecke’s Beach

Brennecke’s Beach is the best place to go if you’re looking for a turtle-spotting experience that doesn’t involve getting your feet wet.

Just across from Nihi Kay Villas, turtles grazing in the shallow waters are easily seen, making it an ideal spot to get up close and personal with these gentle creatures.

The rocky coastline provides a great vantage point where you can simply stand and watch these majestic creatures crawl along or take a nap in the sun.

This beach isn’t just the perfect place to see turtles, it’s also great for surfing too. So if standing around doesn’t sound like your ideal afternoon activity, pull out your board and catch some waves.

You never know when you might get an unexpected sighting while you paddle out. At Brennecke’s Beach, you get the best of both worlds!

Poipu Beach Kauai
Poipu Beach Kauai

3. Poipu Beach

Make sure to set your alarm early and head on over to Poipu Beach! This is one of the best swimmable beaches on Kauai and a prime spot to see turtles hang out.

Whether you prefer wading shoreside or snorkeling through the depths of the reef like a turtle on a mission, this beach is sure to be the highlight of your trip.

And if you’re patient and lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of one of Kauai’s friendly monk seals snoozing away on the beach. Get ready for a morning unlike any other!

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4. Kuhio Shores

If you love sea turtles, this is the place to be! After all, who can resist a flippered friend coming out of the blue?

Swimming along the rocky shoreline by Kuhio Shores Condos, there are plenty of plants growing among the rocks – a sumptuous feast for these delightful creatures.

As if the seaside ambiance weren’t enough of an incentive, you’ll find that turtles visit this spot all year round.

So go ahead and stake your claim at the beach, there’s sure to be a few turtles on the shores whenever you arrive!

5. Koloa Landing

Looking for the best spot in Kauai to check out some sea turtles? Well, you won’t have to journey too far, especially if you’re staying at the Koloa Landing Resort.

The perfect venue for a posh snorkeling adventure – plus, you’ll get access to an old boat ramp that leads right to a thriving reef full of both fish and turtles alike.

So don your flippers, grab your gear from the resort and jump into the crystal-clear water!

Cliff and Ocean Views along Mahaulepu Heritage Trail
Cliff and Ocean Views along Mahaulepu Heritage Trail

6. Mahaulepu Beach

If you’re looking for amazing vistas of sea turtles, the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail should be your first stop in Kauai.

Not only does this sandy path provide breathtaking views, but it also comes with a bit of a workout – i.e., more effort than just strolling along the beach!

To truly get away from the hustle and bustle, take this path and gaze upon the iconic green honu munching on ocean snacks and sunning themselves in the rays.

After that, hit up your favorite beach-side spot to reward yourself for hard work done well!

7. Kipu Kai Beach

A visit to Kipu Kai Beach on Kauai is a must if you are looking to spot the region’s famous sea turtles.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get to this crescent-shaped beach, as there are no roads or trails leading there by land; you can try joining a snorkel tour or kayaking over.

But don’t let that deter you, as there are plenty of reasons why this should be top of your list for turtle spotting.

Besides getting close to these magnificent creatures, it’s also an excellent opportunity to grab some killer vacation shots as well as being surrounded by a variety of fish underwater if you plan to snorkel.

Spouting Horn Kauai
Spouting Horn Kauai

8. Spouting Horn

If you’re looking for a place in Kauai where your chances of spotting some turtles are high, check out the Spouting Horn.

Not only is this spot filled with beautiful scenery, but it has also been known to offer some of the best turtle-viewing experiences around.

Some say that turtles can sometimes be seen swimming below the lookout to the right, and there’s even a little cove down there filled with rocks and plenty of yummy seaweed – heaven for any friendly sea creature.

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Turtles on Kauai's North Shore

There aren’t as many spots to see turtles on the North Shore compared to the South Shore, but there are still a few prime spots if you know where to look!

9. Anini Beach

With the protected reef making it a perfect spot for swimming year-round, you can observe these majestic creatures from the shores of Anini Beach.

They might even pop their head up to check you out! It’s almost like they know it’s a turtle-viewing season and are posing for the occasion.

Visiting Anini Beach means making an appointment with nature – how cool is that?

10. Turtle Cove

Head to Turtle Cove for some quality beach time with Hawaiian sea turtles.

Sure, you have to take a bit of a hike to get there – but not only is the cove incredibly rewarding, it’s also worth every single step!

Park at the cove’s public lot or along the road at Queen’s Bath.

Note, the trail can become downright hazardous when waves are high so it’s best to visit when conditions are calm.

Kee Beach Kauai
Ke'e Beach Kauai

11. Ke’e Beach

Ke’e Beach is the prime place to spot turtles in Kauai. On this beautiful stretch of sand, snorkelers can suit up and hit the ocean to spot one of these majestic creatures.

With people flocking from near and far just for just a glimpse, make sure you get there early if you want a stellar spot on the beach. In other words: no snoozing here!

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12. Tunnels Beach

Tunnels Beach is one of the best spots on the island for discovering a few surprises beneath the sea, from colorful fish to the rare Hawaiian monk seals – and if you’re lucky enough, maybe even a turtle or two!

This beach is loved by locals and tourists alike for its excellent snorkeling and incredible views.

Turtle Watching Guidelines

Kauai beaches are home to some of the most protected turtle species and knowing what to do is key to ensuring these gentle giants can remain a staple of Hawaiian seascapes.

If you’re ready to take in the beauty of Kauai’s honus while keeping them safe, here’s what you need to know:

  • Keep a distance of at least 10-15 feet away at all times. Don’t be too friendly; the turtles may look cute, but that doesn’t mean that they want anything more than peace and quiet.
  • Stay aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t block their path towards the sea or land.
  • If you’re planning to soak up some sun, pick a reef-friendly sunscreen!
  • Never feed anything to the turtles.
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Best Time of Day to See Turtles in Kauai

The best time of day to see turtles in Kauai is around sundown. If you want to spot some, be sure to suit up for a late afternoon swim.

The mid-day munchies kick in for these sea creatures too, so late afternoon also works.

Summer months are ideal though; with warm weather and calmer ocean conditions, you’ve got yourself a higher chance of making some turtle friends while playing splish splash in the watery paradise.

What Type of Turtles Can You Spot on Kauai?

Sea turtles are a common sight in Kauai; you may see the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Hawksbill turtle or Leatherback turtle if you keep your eyes peeled.

Just make sure to admire them from afar – a fine would be an expensive souvenir to take home with you!