10 Best Bars in Cabo San Lucas for Amazing Drinks

The road to paradise is paved with good drinks, and Cabo San Lucas is overflowing with great watering holes.

From posh cocktail lounges to hidden watering holes in funky cantinas, this beachfront town has something for every liquor connoisseur.

Here are 10 of the best bars in Cabo San Lucas, so pull up a stool and raise a glass to an amazing vacation!

1. Monkey’s Cave Bar

The Monkey’s Cave Bar is easily the most famous bar in the area!

Extremely popular for tourists and just as popular with locals, the Monkey’s cave isn’t just a casual setting.

The staff makes every effort to bring joy to you and their customers, with ridiculous monkey costumes and being exceptionally attentive to you.

You won’t be disappointed by their drinks either! Their famous margaritas are in glasses that are almost the size of your head and are impressively decorated with limes made to look like the sun.

While you’re having fun, remember that the Monkey’s Cave closes at 11pm.

2. Uno Mas?

Spanish for “One More?,” the name says exactly what you think while you’re there.

Rated as the #4 hotspot for nightlife in Cabo, you’ll see why pretty quickly.

The casual tiki hut doesn’t seem very impressive, but they fit a lot in that little bar and have mastered the details.

The prices are famously cheap, and their service is just as good.

This is the kind of bar you sit at to wait for your family who went shopping, but when they’re back you’ll be saying, “Uno Mas?”.

sanchos los cabos
photo by sancho's sports bar los cabos

3. Sancho’s Sports Bar

In Cabo, water-based activities, like boating, are some of the most popular activities to do, and Sancho’s knows that too!

Located at the Marina pier between docks K and L, they are ready to serve you after a full day out on the water.

Unique just isn’t a word that does Sancho’s justice. Food and drinks alike have so many colors they’re mind-blowing.

You’ll just love reading the drink you want from a surfboard, watching what you say about the Chargers, swallowing gummy mermaids, and laughing like never before.

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4. The Nowhere Bar

Next is The Nowhere Bar a classier location famous for its music, atmosphere, conversation with the bartenders, and of course, their drinks.

If it’s an experience that affects all five of your senses you’re looking for, look no further than the Blind Boar, because their drinks do that by themselves without the aid of the atmosphere.

Their selection is huge, and the staff are happy to experiment.

Cantina Mexico
photo by cantina mexico

5. Cantina Mexico

This is the only place where you’ll find chandeliers and neon lights put together.

It’s a new bar in Cabo, but as a proper cantina, there is just as much music and entertainment as there is alcohol.

They don’t shy away from meat here, so the rib-eye quesadillas are reportedly a must for you to try.

While you have wonderful conversations with the owner and bartender, David, you’ll be buzzed from both the incredible drinks and the electric atmosphere for hours to come!

When you go, try some of their popular selections: their taco trio, jalapeno margarita, and unique Mexican pizza.

6. Two For the Road

There aren’t many jazz joints anymore, but at least in Cabo you’ll find one.

Two For the Road is a small “jazz spot” that makes up for the small space with big sound, made by the owners, and your hosts, Kathy and Marty.

And no jazz bar is complete without a punk cat walking around.

They’re not the easiest place to find, but that just makes it a treasure hunt!

The gem of this place really is the owners, but they never serve skimpy pours, and the drinks are good.

7. The Giggling Marlin

Peace and quiet have no place at the Giggling Marlin who hosts the rowdiest floor shows, and has the loudest artwork.

Attractions include tying up your best friend by their feet and hanging them upside down like a caught marlin.

This place is even suitable for families with kids to hang out. No matter what time of day or night you come, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Don’t let the apparent costs of the drinks on the menu shock you, a Don Julio Blanco is not actually $142 USD, but $142 Pesos ($7.14 USD).

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8. Sangria’s

Sangria’s is a wonderful spot for casual drinks and lots and lots of music!

It’s one of those places that’s covered in US dollar bills with a variety of random content written on them.

You can enjoy your favorite beer or a line of brightly-colored shots, or looking out at the passers-by.

Listen to music ranging from the 80’s, classic rock, reggae, jazz, hip hop, and much more.
Or, you can get your whole gang together and have virtually the whole bar to yourselves for a much more personalized experience.

Music requests are always welcome!

saloon cabo san lucas
photo by saloon cabo

9. Saloon Cabo

There’s no fear of boredom in this saloon.  In fact, boredom isn’t allowed through the doors!

Bringing the fun of the old west in its design, including a mechanical bull to throw yourself from, you’ll begin to really feel like a cowboy or cowgirl.

But before you can get used to that feeling, all of a sudden your bartenders are spouting fire to reintroduce the local exotic crafts!

You’ll have no trouble staying for as long as you like with the dirt-cheap prices for the food and drinks.

The fun you’ll have, however, is priceless.

10. Puzzles Place

If you are looking for a place you won’t find anywhere else, the Puzzles Place absolutely fits that description.

How many bars do you know have a library and puzzles?

This is one of those places you go to settle down after your day of excitement.

The atmosphere is very calm, warm, and comfortable, with soft live music playing in the background.

And with their selection of games, it’s just the kind of winding down with friends the evening needs before returning to your hotel.

With reasonably priced drinks and spicy pretzels, you’ll be happy to spend the evening here.