10 Best Restaurants in Cabo San Lucas

If you’re looking to eat your way through the best of Cabo San Lucas, you’ve come to the right place!

The dining scene in Cabo has exploded in the past few years with many new restaurants replacing old, tired options.

This town has become a foodie’s paradise, and with so many great restaurants, it won’t be long before you’ll have trouble picking just one place to eat at.

From unique Mexican and seafood dishes to fine dining by world-class chefs, here are 10 of the best restaurants in Cabo San Lucas.

1. La Casona

La Casona is a fine dining steakhouse known for their incredible dry-aged beef.
However, it’s not what you’d expect of a steakhouse.

There’s an elegant open-air atmosphere with ornate metalwork chairs, neutral colors, rich woodwork, bright lighting, and outdoor seating for those who want to eat while enjoying the Cabo fresh air.

It‘s rated as one of the top restaurants in Los Cabos for good reason!
This must-visit restaurant is located in the Villa La Estancia Resort.

2. Metate Cabo

Metate Cabo is a gem that specializes in traditional Mexican and Latin foods, often fused together and made as they were 300 years ago.

During the day you’ll find the bright colors you expect, but at night, the restaurant is colorfully lit up as on Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

There’s no restaurant experience quite like this one!
The beautiful atmosphere is open-air and the incredible smoky flavours make your mouth water as you walk in.

The Metate is known as one of the finest restaurants in Mexico and serves delicious plates such as Pollito De Leche, upscale tacos and mouth-watering steaks with huitlacoche sauce

neptune seafood cabo san lucas
photo by neptune seafood restaurant

3. Neptune Seafood

Named after the god of the sea, Neptune Seafood primarily serves the finest bounty of the ocean.

It’s created with French techniques fused with all the beautiful flavors of Cabo.

The sight of the ocean views combined with the delightful aromas is a treat for all your senses.

The decor is calm with panoramic ocean views, very neutral, and dark, except for one room that has a blue scheme that makes you feel like you’re on a cruise.

Gaze across the Sea of Cortez and enjoy a gorgeous sunset while you enjoy your seafood platter.The menu features the best ceviche, and other delicious plates such as sea bass and octopus is a treat for your taste buds.

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4. Mamazzita Cabo

Dining at Mamazzita Cabo is never boring with the variety of the food and the fireworks at dinner!

As you eat by candlelight, enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine in modern, creative twists and presentations.

The menu is diverse with a ceviche bar, high-end tacos, allowing diners to taste all the flavors of Mexico.

Known as the best Mexican cuisine in Cabo, Mamazzita is a reflection of Mexico at its finest and is a must-visit.

Nicksan chef angel carbajal Los Cabos soft shell crab
soft shell crab photo by nicksan

5. NickSan Cabo

Nick-San in Cabo is a Latin-Japanese fusion eatery that you simply can’t miss.

It’s encouraged that you tell your chef you want “Omakase,” meaning, “I leave it up to you,” so that you can experience something truly remarkable.

The decor matches the food in style, with large beautiful pictures of vibrant flowers contrasted by a minimalist style and bamboo.

You can really taste the passion in every bite of food, the flavors will awaken your senses.

The menu highlights the fusion of Mexico and Japan with items like Sashimi Serranito, Tuna Tostada and Lobster Curry featuring the heat-inducing habanero pepper!

6. WTF Burger

As you can guess, this restaurant serves American cuisine, but also specialty coffees and alcohol.

Focus is on the terrific food rather than the atmosphere; the restaurant is underneath a large canopy outdoors where you can get a good lunch and drink and be on your way.

The price range is around $15 – $25 per meal which is much lower than many of the options on this list, making it a great way to dine on a cheaper scale.

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7. Don Manuel’s

Don Manuel’s has a wonderfully unique setting with panoramic ocean views.

The restaurant serves local and seafood cuisines where the menu includes very light dishes, but there is still plenty of meat dishes if you’re a carnivore.

Taste the evolution of Mexican cuisine, the flavors are a combination of old and new creating an incredible dining experience.

Highlighted by tasty items like Bluefin Tuna ceviche, sea bass and lobster; you really can’t go wrong with anything this restaurant offers.

Looking to elevate your experience? Try dining at the private chef’s table!

jazz on the rocks
photo by jazz on the rocks

8. Jazz on the Rocks at Sunset Point

Jazz on the Rocks is another fusion restaurant, this time combining local cuisine with Italian.

The menu features Australian Wagyu, Bluefin Tuna and gourmet pizzas smothered with wagyu and truffles.

Not what you’d expect from a Jazz restaurant, but you’re in Cabo for the surprises.

They have a stunning waterfront views; take advantage of it with the large windows along the wall. The sunsets are breathtaking and unforgettable here.

Design is inspired by the surrounding landscape, so neutral colors and stones are prominent, while the spotlight is on your jazz entertainment.

9. El Patron

El Patron’s dining area is very cheerful, but formal so that nothing distracts you from your meals, the centerpiece of your experience.

This eatery features Mexican cuisine primarily, but there are also Chef Soto’s Specials that include cowboy steak and duck emmoladas.

10. Manta at the Cape

Operated by world-renowned chef, Enrique Olvera, Manta is a restaurant that offers an array of flavors from the Pacific Rim and Japan, as well as Peru.

Chef Olvera creates his dishes by fusing these diverse cuisines to create something new.

Feast your eyes on one of the finest beaches in Cabo while you dig into a stunning dry-aged steak or the catch of the day.