16 Spots for the Best Breakfast In Cabo

Looking for the perfect way to start your day? Breakfast is an important meal, and it’s also one that many travelers tend to overlook.

Luckily, Cabo has some amazing restaurants that are happy to serve up fresh, delicious breakfasts for hungry visitors.

Whether you’re with family or friends, there is a breakfast eatery in Cabo that will suit your tastes and preferences.

In this blog post we will be sharing our favorite places for breakfast in Cabo.

Some of these restaurants have views that are almost as stunning as their food, while others are great because they offer something different from the usual eggs and toast option.

These recommendations are just a small sample of the amazing places you can go for the best breakfast in Cabo.

1. Cafe Cabo

Tucked away from the touristy waterfront, Café Cabo preps you with coffee and waffles and a bookshelf stuffed with titles.

Adding to the slow morning vibes is a shaded terrace done up in European-style.

Boasting locally roasted coffee since 2007, this Cabo breakfast spot offers great espresso drinks and frappes.

The food menu is equally wholesome, starting with a range of freshly baked breads and piecing together healthy sandwiches.

Daily specials like vegan waffles, egg and bacon breakfasts come with discounts.

Cafe Cabo
Photo by Cafe Cabo

2. Cafe de Ciudad

The lime green wall of Café de Ciudad is an easy spot, and it’s the perfect distance from Medano Beach for a quick breakfast or brunch.

The small neighborhood shop may carry an unassuming interior, but the menu is far from inferior.

The reviews are glowing, praising both food and service. While the Mexican Breakfast is popular (choose your choice of meat), you have your run of pancakes, enchiladas, breakfast burritos and more filling bites.

Smoothies capture many fruity flavors; cold brews come with generous whopping of cream.

3. El Jarro Café & Grill

Another best breakfast in Cabo close to the beach is El Jarro Café & Grill.

From the outdoor-indoor seating space to the hand-painted plates, everything was designed to evoke the comfort of home.

Inexpensive eats can sometimes be the best – reviewers have left many stars for the chilaquiles and huevos rancheros.

In fact, every egg-based dish has been complimented at least once. The coffee bar has made waves too, especially its traditional Mexican coffee with lightly-dusted cocoa and cinnamon.

Hand-squeezed fresh juices and smoothies are available as well.

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4. Hacienda Cocina y Cantina

Breezy, beachy, beautiful – Hacienda Cocina y Cantina does breakfast right. Take your meal outside to the stone-wrapped patio and cushy seats, which overlook Land’s End.

Nestled right up to the water’s edge, you have private access to Medano Beach and a seaside pool.

Start light with superfood smoothies and fruity mimosas, then dig into a classic omelette.

Dishes run the traditional route, featuring: huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and burrito baja. All breakfast is served with hash browns and organic greens for a balanced meal.

Campestre Restaurant
Photo by Campestre Restaurant

5. Campestre Restaurant

Campestre Restaurant isn’t for the small eater because its portions are generous.

If you’re looking for authentic, homemade food, going off-the-beaten track is the right call. Like all family restaurants, expect a huge menu with something for everyone.

While a popular choice for lunch thanks to the budget-friendly comida corrida specials, breakfast is equally made with love.

Half the menu is dedicated to eggs: scrambled, combo-ed, Mexican-style, Racheros-style…

The menu goes on to include chilaquiles, omelettes, breakfast plates and other solo dishes like cheese quesadillas.

6. The Cabo Bakery

For breakfast on the go in Cabo, drop by The Cabo Bakery. The awning-covered terrace also allows for a relaxing brunch before you order sandwiches to take to the beach.

There’s ample parking space for road trippers too. Every pastry, cinnamon bun and made-from-scratch bread comes recommended but it’s the French toast that gets praised to high heavens.

For something savory, try the toasted sandwiches piled high with reuben. Pair with freshly squeezed juices and delicious coffee.

Tip: Get there before 11AM!

7. El Patron

Transom windows and French doors let in the ocean breeze at El Patron, which is located within Villa del Arco Beach Resort & Spa.

Couples will find the elegant and classic décor a dreamy date location. Both the interior bar and terrace seating offer bayside views.

Being a Mexican bistro, El Patron serves traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Hotel guests tend to enjoy the breakfast buffet but there’s an à la carte menu too.

Don’t forget to visit the omelette bar for a customized breakfast.

Mango Deck Omelet Mariscos
Photo by Mango Deck

8. Mango Deck

Mango Deck is always lively, rolling restaurant, bar and beach club into one vibrant package.

Located on Medano Beach with views the Arch of Los Cabos, it’s an indoor-outdoor venue with tables on the sand.

The diverse breakfast plates serve massive omelettes, pancakes and breakfast burritos.

Fresh fruit plates and other hangover cures like Mexican pancitas and pozoles are great after a crazy night out.

On Sundays, the all-you-can-eat buffet starts at 8AM. The beach club team is on hand to help you hit the beach and water right after.

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9. Lolita’s

It’s easy to walk past Lolita’s and miss out on Cabo’s best breakfasts, so save the address on your phone.

The local restaurant comes with friendly staff and an authentic Mexican dining experience – slow service, but everything made to order.

The breakfast selection falls on the traditional side. Mexican specialties make the bulk of the menu, including classics like guacamole, birria, breakfast nachos and pozole.

Tortillas are made fresh and so are the juices! Don’t miss out on the margarita if you like your breakfast boozy.

10. Don Manuel’s

What kind of breakfast in Cabo do you expect in hotels like Waldorf Astoria Pedregal? If your answer is “warm and inviting, with delicious buffet bars”; you’d be right.

The Cabo touch is woven in patterned tiles, steel-banded chandeliers and wooden furnishings.

Enjoy beautiful sea views while dining at the sheltered patio. There’s a spread of coffee, breads, and hot plates for those who like to mix and match.

Others can order individual items like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles; even superfood bowls served in hacienda-style wares.

Don Manuels Breakfast
Photo by Don Manuel's

11. Latitude 22+ Roadhouse

Latitude 22+ Roadhouse explodes with character.

Packed with marine memorabilia, license plates and business cards of all shapes and colors – this casual joint is far from pretentious.

Park yourselves indoors or outdoors.

The menu has everything you’d expect in a regular bar and grill. Slow roasted prime meats and burgers are only overshadowed by the Croatian ribs.

For lighter fare, tucked into a surf n turf or order anything with bacon in it. It’s great for a hearty breakfast.

12. Solomon’s Landing

Located at the heart of Cabo is an open-air locale that faces out towards the marina: Solomon’s Landing.

A thatch-roof keeps the elements out, while welcoming parties of all sizes.

Your refreshing morning begins with an acai bowl and healthy bites. Or, you could sweeten it up with butter-whipped French toast and waffles.

Bagels, egg scrambles and omelettes are customizable, as are Mexican specialties like breakfast fajitas.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly, the extra sides take your preferences into consideration.

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13. Mama’s Royal Café

Mama’s Royal Café proves that you can have cheap breakfasts in Cabo, in downtown Cabo San Lucas no less.

Located on Calle Hidalgo, it stands out even among the other “restaurant row” contenders.

The menu decidedly serves American-style omelettes plus Mexican breakfast staples.

Every Chef Special is good but the menu is definitely headlined by the French toast – stuffed with cream cheese and flambéed in orange liqueur.

Vegan-friendly frittatas and fresh guacamole lift the spirits too, especially with the live guitar BGM.

Pan Di Bacco
Photo by Pan Di Bacco

14. Pan di Bacco

While Pan di Bacco is one of Cabo’s best Italian restaurants for lunch and dinner, it serves a mean breakfast too.

The Merkado restaurant is known for its avo toasts, while the Pizza & Tacos branch by the marina is famous for, well, pizzas and tacos.

Coffee and tea isn’t enough of a wake-up call; have their morning pastry too. Bagel lox and croissant sandwiches are just few of the breakfast options.

Picky eaters will love the any-style eggs or omelette with choice fillings.

15. London Café

There is an iconic red phone booth in London Café, but it’s the food that makes a lasting impression.

The laidback ambiance and patio seating are cherries on top. There’s also plenty of space for kids to run around and prices are more than reasonable.

Most breakfast foods are western leaning, with the French toast and waffles making waves amongst reviewers.

The avo toast, egg benedict and fruit platter have also been featured, as did the chilaquiles. Make sure to wash it all down with a mixed berries smoothie.

16. Casasola Cafe

By far one of the cutest breakfast spots in Cabo, Casasola Café lures you into its bamboo-shaded courtyard and mellow brunch venue.

You’ll want to get there early or risk lining up!

The breakfast menu is mostly American fare such as bruschetta, benedicts, bagels and sandwiches.

You also have sweeter bites like crepes and French toast. The few Mexican choices are highly praised though – shredded beef burritos, anyone?

To complete the aesthetics, order frappes packed into mason jars.