15 Places for the Best Donuts in Seattle: The Definitive List

In Seattle, there’s almost a donut shop on every corner and the options can be dizzying!

So when you need your donut fix, where do you go?

From tried and true favorites to new artisan bakeries, this guide will help you find your new favorite spot.

Here is a definitive list of the best donuts in Seattle that will satisfy any sweet tooth or craving.

1. Dochi

You won’t find classic donuts at Dochi; focusing on being creatively outside the box, it’s the perfect marriage of Japanese mochi and a classic American favorite.

These sweet treats are rice-based and chewy instead of fluffy like regular donuts.

The bright, fun flavors like ube, matcha oreo, and strawberry pocky are totally what you need to brighten up your day.

Zuris Donutz
photo by zuri's donutz

2. Zuri’s Donutz

Zuri’s Donutz is the place to get creative with your flavors!

This Lynnwood joint offers up some seriously unique donuts, like Red Dragon Fruit, Pina Colada, and even 21+ plus flavors such as the Sangria or Maple Bourbon donut.

They even have a Chili Mango option if you want to heat things up a bit.

If you want something a little more unique than a basic donut, Zuri’s has you covered.

3. Daily Dozen

Located in the famous Pike Place Market, Daily Dozen serves up some of the best donuts in Seattle.

The shop is in a small and unassuming space, but it’s always packed with customers throughout the day.

The menu is simple with just mini donuts and caffeine – freshly delicious and the coffee is strong and tasty.

Expect classic flavors like plain, powdered, cinnamon, sprinkled, and maple.

If you’re looking for a good donut in Seattle, Daily Dozen is the place to go.

4. Donut Factory

Have you ever had a donut that’s so good, it makes your mouth water just thinking about it?

The Donut Factory in Seattle is a one-stop-shop for all your donut needs.

They’ve got classics like glazed and jelly-filled pastries as well as more adventurous options such as Ferrero Rocher, Butterfinger and Maple Bacon.

With their creations handmade fresh every day, you’re sure to find something that makes your day.

General Porpoise Donuts Seattle WA
photo by general porpoise

5. General Porpoise

General Porpoise‘s donuts are simply a delight to the senses.

The smell of these freshly-made treats is one that lingers in the air until you cave to temptation and sink your teeth into their fluffy goodness.

Whether it be fluffy and fruity or rich chocolate-covered goodness – these tempting treats will make you drool.

Some of their most popular flavors include Chocolate Marshmallow, Vanilla Custard, and Blackberry Jam.

6. Dona Queen Donut & Deli

Dona Queen is hidden away in SoDo, but don’t let that fool you – this humble bakery has an array of sweet goodies waiting for hungry customers!

Some popular ones include Apple Fritters, Glazed French Crullers, and Maple Bacon; these light and airy treats pair perfectly with a cup of coffee.

Not only do they serve donuts, there’s also delicious Korean eats you can grab for a quick lunch.

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7. Mighty O Donuts

In a city known for its coffee and cafes, Mighty O Donuts is truly one of Seattle’s great pastry shops.

What makes them unique is that the mixes and glazes are all made in-house and they use organic ingredients (vegan-friendly too!).

With multiple locations across town, this is a great place to pick up some donuts on the go.

top pot doughnuts
photo by top pot doughnuts

8. Top Pot Doughnuts

Top Pot Doughnuts is the place to go for a fresh donut and cuppa joe in Capitol Hill.

There’s a cozy upstair seating area that’s perfect for reading, grabbing some work done or catching up with friends over donuts – it doesn’t get much better than this!

They have a wide range of flavors, from classics to fancy, as well as some seasonal variations, which means you’ll never get bored with your selection here.

With flavors like Salted Caramel, Cherry Blossom Cake, and Chai Glazed Old Fashioned, you’ll be amazed at what they can do with such simple ingredients.

9. Dahlia Bakery

When you’re hungry and in the mood for something sweet, Dahlia Bakery is the best place to go.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a bakery that has better desserts than this one does: their triple coconut cream pies are legendary (world-famous), as well as their OH Mochi Donuts!

With a light crispy exterior and soft chewy filling, these Japanese-fusion donuts are a fun and tasty treat.

Don’t miss out on this local gem!

10. The Flour Box

Nestled in the south end of the city, The Flour Box is the place to get your hands on some of Seattle’s finest donuts.

Their handcrafted brioche donuts come filled in four different flavors (usually rotates, change website for current flavors).

This bakery’s emphasis is on quality over quantity; no preservatives or additives go into any of their recipes and they use only fresh ingredients.

Come by for these delectable treats – you won’t be disappointed!

Half and half doughnut co
photo by half and half doughnut co

11. Half and Half Doughnut Co

Half and Half Doughnut is a Seattle-based shop that specializes in Old Fashioned Donuts, taking this classic and turning it into something amazing.

You can choose between nine different flavors here including Passionfruit, Chai, and Red Velvet.

Fritters and a small selection of filled donuts are also on the menu; try out the Banana Foster.

With their creations handmade fresh daily, you’re sure to find something that makes your day.

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12. The Original Bakery

The Original Bakery is a small family-owned shop located in West Seattle and has been making insanely delicious donuts since 1936 – you know they must be doing something right.

Many swear by their bismark donuts (go early or you’ll miss out), but they also serves up a wide variety of other sweet treats that are equally as delicious.

The best part about The Original Bakery is that they offer special donuts of the day.

You’ll be hard-pressed to walk out with just one; there’s simply too much temptation!

13. King Donuts

An unusual combination, King Donuts offers plenty of sweet treats alongside Thai food.

This little hole-in-the-wall shop is located on Rainier Ave and a bit out of the way from the city center, but definitely worth a visit.

The Boston Cream and classic glazed donuts are customer favorites, but whatever you choose, be sure to add a hot coffee to your order.

raised donuts seattle wa
photo by raised donuts

14. Raised Donuts

Raised Doughnuts is the perfect place to get your sugar high, it’s no wonder this pop-up store has become permanent!

This adorable, locally-owned donut shop serves up delectable treats – it’s easy to see why Yelpers are obsessed with their colorful selection.

Just one taste and you’ll know why their motto is “Raising the Doughnut Bar”.

Visit today and see what all of the hype is about; your stomach will thank you later.

15. The Donut Lab

If you’re in the mood for a donut, then The Donut Lab is your go-to place.

Their specialty? Malasadas!

These Portuguese-style donuts are pillowy and light, and you’re bound to find one that you love.

With fillings ranging from pineapple to macadamia nut, these are not your average malasadas!.

Place an order online to snag these sweet treats or run the risk of them selling out.