11 Spas in Tulum for the Best Massages

Tulum is an epic hotspot for those seeking relaxation; there are plenty of options to give you the ultimate pampering spa experience.

If you like to get away from the hustle and bustle for the afternoon or just need to recharge, Tulum offers an array of spas perfect for your needs.

Here are some of the best spas in Tulum, where you can relax, get off your feet, and enjoy a day of carefree indulgence.

1. Carlos Cardona Spa

There’s nothing like a professional masseur at your service, whether at Carlos’ cozy terrazzo-tiled parlor or your humble abode.

This top spa in Tulum is the result of nearly two decades of experience, services ranging from deep tissue stimulation to prenatal pampering.

Clay wraps and cooling scrubs keep your skin supple, while heated rocks help alleviate muscle tension.

If you’re impressed by Carlos’ firm hands and techniques, you can even sign up for private massage lessons!

What better Tulum ‘souvenir’ than hands-on magic?

Address: Mercurio Oriente M66, L8, Tulum

yaan wellness
photo by Yäan Wellness

2. Yäan Wellness

Stunning Yäan Wellness is a sanctuary you never want to leave.

Within lush palms are elegant and organic spaces, from a rooftop garden to healing rooms decked with copper tubs, yoga shalas and traditional temazcal lodges.

Every treatment begins with a healing water circuit, where waters are drawn through Yucatan’s cenotes to purify.

Only after a natural scrub and Hammam room experience do you start your chosen therapy. Their spa packages are endless: 3-day cleanses, ritual experiences, pre-wedding treatments and more.

Address: Carretera Tulum Boca Paila Km 10, Tulum

3. Animamente

Combining Ayurveda philosophy and Hawaiian lomi lomi massage techniques, Animamente’s owner and masseur gifts you an incredible Tulum massage experience.

Therapeutic crying is expected within the stone walls of this haven – energy thrums through your body as you walk out, healed.

You might be skeptical about ‘energy work’ but every review speaks of relieved trauma and emotional release.

Its #1 rank amongst the best spas in Tulum comes from the long-lasting mental and emotional effect of every experience, not the physical relief alone.

Address: Calle 3 sur, Colonia Villas, Tulum

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4. Energy Healing Spa

Within the warmly lit walls of Energy Healing Spa are a team of certified masseurs who reroute your energy with firm hands.

Focusing on draining emotional tension, mental fatigue and stress-made-physical, these energy healers offer a variety of treatments.

Step into the traditional Mexican steam batch, temazcal, for a toxin-removing meditation.

Can’t relax enough? The soothing scent of essential oils used in Aromatherapy Massage brings the voices in your head down to a simmer.

For the even more stressed, the Neurosedative Massage offers gentle respite.

Address: Calle Polar Poniente entre Calle Luna Norte y Saturno, Tulum

Flora Spa Tulum
photo by Flora Spa

5. Flora Spa

Airy and understated styling enhances the best of this Tulum spa.

While Flora Spa itself offers a comprehensive wellness and beauty menu, facilities are left clutter-free so everything evokes a sense of comfort and harmony.

Basic massages include deep tissue, hot stone and body part-specific treatments.

Signature treatments sit between relaxation and pampering, like the aromatic Amankaya Massage and unique Sensorial Experience.

Or, treat yourself to facials, manicures, hair specials and more beautifying programs.

As one reviewer says, “this little place is a slice of heaven”!

Address: M-35 L-14, Calle Centauro Sur/Venus y Neptuno Centro, C.P. Tulum

6. Leaf Luxury Spa

Technology and sustainability shake hands with a modern touch at Leaf Luxury Spa.

Your sensorial water journey begins with stimulating jets while the waterfall spills gently.

Then, to the reflexology pebbles lining the showers; the eucalyptus-scented steam room complements a cold plunge pool.

Continuing the sensory-focused journey with a variety of massages, you’re led to moody rooms and firm hands.

The Samadhi Ritual Massage is their signature, combining nine technique types.

For facial goers, enjoy mini massages alongside your skincare.

Address: Palenque Mza 20, La Veleta, Tulum

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7. Mayan Clay Spa

Can you claim you’ve tried the best Tulum spas without sinking into Mayan clay?

Mayan Clay Spa brings the Yucatan jungle to you with a 3-hour mineral bathhouse therapy: sea salt exfoliation, Mayan clay massage, milky pool and natural oil rubs.

Don’t have much time? Shorter programs are offered too.

The hour-long full body massage is enough to relax those tense muscles; the 90-minute treatment come in the form of specialized clay massages and facial treatment.

It’s exactly what you need after a Tulum adventure!

Address: Beach Road Km 8.5, Tulum

cacao spa tulum
photo by cacao spa

8. Cacao Spa

Yummy indulgences aren’t just for the dining table! Cacao Spa brings certain superfoods to the spa scene, like cacao beans.

In fact, ancient Mayan civilizations have long recognized the healing properties of this “food of the gods”.

But cacao-based masks and wraps aren’t the sole highlight.

Other natural ingredients such as matcha, aloe and Mayan clay are used in various treatments to help detoxify, regenerate and moisturize.

Whether a massage, facial, body wrap or clinical treatment, you’ll be pampered with Tulum’s organic riches.

Address: Av. Tulum 32, Tulum Centro, 77760 Tulum

9. Tranquility Spa

Looking for an intimate and personalized spa experience? Tranquility Spa is a Tulum best find that compromises on price and quality.

You’ll feel connected with nature without being exposed as their massage beds are outdoors undercover.

The team focuses on massage therapy to help alleviate stress and muscle strain.

The Holistic Massage covers all the basics, while the Aromatherapy and Mayan-based bring in natural oils and minerals to elevate your experience.

Those with particular areas of discomfort should try the Deep Tissue Massage.

Address: C. 6 Sur 2, La Veleta, 77780 Tulum

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10. Calma Spa by Casa Malca

Luxury, art, nature – the three elements that characterize Casa Malca and, if you’re lucky, your spa experience at Calma Spa.

With a view of the Caribbean, thanks to its rooftop location, you will reach a whole new level of calm.

Enjoy VIP levels of attention with two therapists via the 4 hands Signature or opt for Hydrotherapy to use all sauna, cold pool and hot Jacuzzi.

Need some skin-focused glow-ups after that Tulum sun exposure? You’ll love their hydrating facials and cooling body wraps.

Address: Km 9.5, Carr. Tulum-Bocar Paila, Zona Hotelera, Tulum


OKO SPA is perhaps, one of the most magical spa experiences in Tulum.

They bring you outdoors under shielded cabanas and to ceremonial pits, intertwining massage therapy with spa rituals.

Their massages cater to everyone’s needs, whether it’s sore feet or prenatal care.

Their spa rituals tap into ancient practices, like the Lulur Javanese Princesses – a royal wedding tradition.

Some find peace through sound healing while couples enjoy special couple packages to level up the romance. You ask for it, they have it.

Address: Carr. Tulum-Boca Paila Km 8.5, Tulum Beach, Zona Hotelera, Tulum