16 Best Sports Bars in Charleston for Game Day

Ever found yourself in the heart of Charleston, itching to catch the big game but not sure where to head?

We’ve all been there: that moment when the excitement of a new city meets the thrill of a live match, and all you need is the perfect spot to merge both experiences. Lucky for you, the search ends here!

In this article, we’ll unveil the top sports bars in Charleston that promise not just a screen, but an atmosphere that’ll have you cheering louder than ever.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just in for the halftime show, these bars offer a game-day experience like no other. Ready to huddle up?

Charleston Sports Pub
Photo Credit: Charleston Sports Pub

1. Charleston Sports Pub

Charleston Sports Pub, the ultimate touchdown spot for sports enthusiasts, boasts a laid-back atmosphere and delicious pub fare.

Their menu features creative takes on your favorite pub classics. While you’re watching the game on one of their many screens, try their famous half-pound burger or share a platter of their signature wings with your pals.

Enjoy their $2 domestic beers during happy hour and savor the variety of craft beers on draft.

With such a winning combination of food, drinks, and sports, Charleston Sports Pub is destined to be your go-to place to watch the big game!

2. Tattooed Moose

Let’s jump into one of Charleston’s best sports bars, the Tattooed Moose. With quirky moose décor lining the walls, you’ll sense an inviting and entertainment-filled atmosphere right away.

Tattooed Moose is known for their Mike’s Famous Duck Club, a fan favorite that you definitely will want to try. Who wouldn’t want a unique twist on a classic club sandwich?

Also, their patio welcomes leashed dogs. Next time you head to Tattooed Moose, bring your fur buddy too!

The Tattooed Moose Famous Duck Club
Photo Credit: The Tattooed Moose

3. Mac’s Place

Are you ready for some good vibes and fantastic food? Say hello to Mac’s Place, a remarkable sports bar in Charleston that’s got your weekend plans covered!

This cozy joint is well-known for its great selection of beers – boasting over 50 types on tap, in bottles, and cans – making it a lively spot for sports enthusiasts.

Wondering what to munch on? Patrons absolutely love the tasty combo of classic American dishes and flavorful Irish pub favorites found here.

Mac’s Place treats their guests with hip-hop tunes alongside some old-school arcade games. A splendid mix of entertainment to keep you busy between plays and sips.

With friendly staff, an upbeat atmosphere, and awesome bartenders, it’s no surprise that customers can’t get enough of Mac’s Place!

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4. Charleston Beer Works

Charleston Beer Works is the ultimate hangout for sports enthusiasts. With a dazzling array of flat-screen TVs and over 48 beers on tap, how could you not be excited?

As you step inside, you’ll immediately feel the high energy of fans cheering for their favorite teams amidst the lively atmosphere.

Their menu boasts a variety of savory snacks, including fried pepperjack cheese with a tangy twist. Yum!

Every week, Charleston Beer Works offers enticing specials, such as $5 happy hour and $12 pitchers, that’ll surely make your wallet cheer along.

Add in their fun events like Bar Bingo and Music Trivia, and you’ve got yourself a sports bar that’s worth rallying behind.

5. The Alley

Prepare to be blown away by The Alley, Charleston’s one-stop destination for all your game-day needs.

This magical place is not only a sports bar, but it also offers bowling! How can you resist a combo like that?

With an extensive menu perfect for game-day munchies, you’ll have a tough time choosing between their scrumptious wings and juicy sliders.

The Alley Charleston
Photo Credit: The Alley Charleston

6. Bay Street Biergarten

Bay Street Biergarten is your ultimate go-to destination for game-day action. This lively spot expertly combines a modern sports bar experience with a touch of historic Charleston charm.

When you walk in, you’ll feel the electric atmosphere as enthusiastic sports fans from all walks of life gather to watch their favorite teams.

But what keeps people coming back isn’t just the camaraderie – it’s the fantastic food! Feast on their legendary pretzels and brats, or satisfy your cravings with incredible, locally sourced craft beer and delicious burgers.

Bay Street Biergarten offers some seriously cool tech, too. They have select tap table booths and a beer wall, making it easier for you to keep your glass full while never missing a moment of the game!

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7. Kickin’ Chicken Sports Bar

Kickin’ Chicken Sports Bar is the ultimate destination for all sports lovers in Charleston! You’ll feel like you’ve hit a home run as soon as you walk into this buzzing sports bar.

Now let’s talk food – the name says it all! People go crazy for the best chicken wings in town, but don’t just wing it when choosing from their jam-packed menu. The 10 Piece Nuggets is a must-try deal that’ll have you doing a touchdown dance.

Keep an eye out for seasonal specials, because nothing spices up game watching like trying out something new!

8. Moe’s Crosstown Tavern

Charleston’s lineup of sports bars just got a slam dunk with Moe’s Crosstown Tavern; you’ll find a vintage pub vibe in this downtown hotspot near Hampton Park.

Take your pick from their menu of American classics – but the real crowd-pleasers are the burgers. Remember to pair it with a cold craft beer to level up your cheering game.

You’ve scored a touchdown by choosing this place for game night. So jump into the frenzy, and let the good times roll at Moe’s Crosstown Tavern!

The Brick Charleston
Photo Credit: The Brick Charleston

9. The Brick

Who wouldn’t love a sports bar that’s got it all? The Brick is Charleston’s favorite tavern. With its lively atmosphere and abundance of flat-screen TVs, you’ll never miss a moment of the game!

Now, let’s talk food. Sink your teeth into their juicy burgers or indulge in some crispy wings – they’re perfect for game-watching.

Don’t forget to grab a cold beer to wash it all down, making your visit to The Brick one for the books. Insider tip: the upstairs area often has the sound on for sporting events!

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10. Uptown Social

Nestled in the heart of Charleston, Uptown Social is a vibrant hotspot that boasts over 45 TVs, four separate bars, and a can’t-miss rooftop deck.

Looking for something to munch on while cheering on your favorite team? Uptown Social has got your back with epic menu items like hot wings and Baked Chicken Parm Sandwiches.

And if you’re in the mood for a pizza party, the Falco Classic Pizza is everybody’s go-to choice.

Uptown Social hosts tons of fun events and specials throughout the week. From live music to trivia nights, this dynamic venue is not only a sports paradise, but a hub of entertainment too!

11. The Roost Bar N’ Grille

The Roost Bar N’ Grille in Charleston is a bustling hotspot and is the place to be if you’re a die-hard sports fan looking to catch the game with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Their menu is chock-full of fan favorites like Buffalo Chicken Wrap, wings, and scrumptious burgers.

When your tummy starts rumbling during that nail-biting overtime, you’ll be glad you landed at The Roost!

The Roost Bar & Grill Charleston
Photo Credit: The Roost Bar N’ Grill Charleston

12. DIG in the Park

Who needs a time machine when DIG in the Park transports you to the golden days of outdoor patios and amazing sports bars?

This former gas station turned epic chill zone is just what you need to kick back and catch the game!

Feeling peckish? Tackle customer favorites like their Hangover Biscuit and burgers. You’ll never watch a game on an empty stomach again.

13. Dog & Duck

The legendary Dog & Duck is a charming pub where both your sports cravings and your appetite for good food are met with a side of Southern hospitality.

When you pay a visit to Dog & Duck, don’t miss the chance to treat yourself to their variety of hearty dishes like cheeseburger tacos, signature pub-style burgers, and delightful pub classics like fish & chips.

What’s even more special about this spot is their ever-changing specials that keep the locals coming back for more!

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14. My Father’s Moustache

My Father’s Moustache is an English & Irish pub nestled in Charleston serving Old World favorites that will transport you across the ocean without leaving your barstool.

Its unique ambiance and top-notch service make it a local hotspot for sports lovers and foodies alike.

Take a moment to appreciate the little quirks that give My Father’s Moustache its distinct character.

Now, you’re probably wondering what savory delights await you at this charming pub. Indulging in their famous Fish and Chips is an absolute must!

Of course, there’s plenty more on the menu, so don’t hesitate to explore other delicious options.

Home Team BBQ Charleston SC
Photo Credit: Home Team BBQ

15. Home Team BBQ

Home Team BBQ is a Charleston staple and is a touchdown when it comes to lively atmosphere and grub.

Get ready to tackle their menu because it’s full of winning plays. People can’t stop buzzing about their out-of-this-world barbecue and trust us, you’ll want in on that action.

They score major points with their wings and pulled pork – they’re not to be missed!

Next time you’re at Home Team BBQ, order their Game Changer cocktail. This concoction has been known to turn the tide when your team is down.

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16. Locals Sushi & Sports Pub-West Ashley

If spectacular sushi and sports are your jam, Locals Sushi & Sports Pub will elevate your game!

As their loyal patrons would testify, you’ll be bowled over by some popular favorites like their award-winning sushi rolls and dreamy tacos.

But don’t be deceived by the name; the extensive drink menu will keep even the thirstiest sports fans quenched.

Locals Sushi & Sports Pub is renowned for their TVs galore, ensuring you won’t miss a single play while diving into that heavenly sushi roll!

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our jaunt through Charleston’s finest sports watering holes, wasn’t that a touchdown of a journey?

From roaring crowds to sizzling chicken wings, this town sure knows how to turn game night into a memorable one!

And hey, if you’re looking to elevate your evening even further (literally!), why not sip on a cocktail with a view?

Dive into our next feature on Charleston’s top rooftop bars. Cheers to the next adventure on the horizon!