18 Souvenirs in Canada That Will Make You Say “Eh?”

Ah, Canada. From the icy turquoise glacier lakes to the crisp northern air, there’s an unparalleled beauty and charm that we simply can’t seem to get enough of!

So, that’s got us thinking – what makes this great country so different? Well, it turns out that Canada has some truly unique finds!

We’ve searched high and low, so you can join us on a journey through 18 unique things every self-proclaimed ‘true patriot’ must have in their arsenal.

1. Empress Gin

Never worry about having a boring conversation when you’re showing off your souvenirs from Canada!

Empress Gin is the perfect way to bring home something unique, made directly from the butterfly-pollinated gardens of the Fairmont Empress in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

This delightful purple hue won’t be found in any other bottle, so don’t miss out on this tasty Canadian drink!

Just remember to check with flight restrictions if you plan on bringing it back with you.

Empress Gin cocktail at Fairmont Empress Hotel Victoria BC Canada
Empress Gin cocktail at Fairmont Empress Hotel

2. Maple Syrup

When it comes to souvenirs from Canada, maple syrup has to be one of the most iconic.

Real Canadian maple syrup is so prized by foreigners, that at times, we have to ask ourselves if it’s some sort of global elixir!

And for hundreds of years, Canadians have been perfecting the craft and now…well, let’s just say our pancakes are never dry!

But besides being delicious in its traditional form, maple syrup has evolved over time as a natural flavoring in many other products – who knows what kind of magic it will bring us next?

3. Molson Canadian

Molson Canadian has been an iconic brand for centuries, and Canadians remain obsessively proud of their beer – so why not pick up a case while you’re at it?

The national beer is known worldwide, not just for its great taste but also for its iconic “I Am Canadian” slogan.

So if you’re stuck trying to figure out what gift to get for your friends back home, you can’t go wrong with a case of Molson Canadian – guaranteed to be as much fun in their hands as it was in yours.

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4. Crown Royal

Bottle up a taste of Canada with some Crown Royal, the signature whiskey spirit made right here in our country.

You’ll be the talk of your friends as you share a glass or two with them back home.

Pick it up at duty-free before you leave or find it at almost any liquor store in the country…you can’t go wrong with this classic Canadian staple!

tim hortons coffee and timbits
tim hortons coffee and timbits

5. Tim Hortons Coffee

Tim Hortons is practically a Canadian national treasure, affectionately called “Timmies” by the locals.

For the true experience, make sure to pick up some beans before you make your way home.

Whether you get them pre-ground or still in bean form, Tim Hortons can give you that little jolt and fuel you need for the day ahead.

In fact, don’t think twice and start channeling your inner Canadian today; hit the drive-thru and order a double-double with a maple-glazed donut on the side.

6. Maple Candies

Maple candies are a must-have souvenir no matter what part of Canada you visit.

From coast to coast, maple treats can be found packed in exquisite gift boxes or simply bagged up.

Maple goodies not only make great gifts, but serve as a sweet reminder of all the wonderful memories made in Canada.

7. Aritzia Clothing

Aritzia is where it’s at when you want to splurge on yourself and find something that’s going to make you feel your absolute best.

If jeans are more your jam, no problem! They got you covered with the most comfortable (and stylish) pairs known to womankind.

And if you need a new outfit, there’s no shortage of choices with anything from flirty dresses to silky blouses.

Shopping for yourself can be fun, but don’t forget to find gifts for the ones back home too!

8. Hudson’s Bay Company

Hudson’s Bay Company is no ordinary retailer. Established all the way back in 1670, this store was founded as a fur trading company.

Now, HBC still holds onto its roots while playing a part in today’s world: not only is it one of the oldest retail stores on the planet, but it’s also the official outfitter for Canada’s Olympic team! You can’t find that kind of respectability just anywhere.

Plus, they’ve got some truly unique items like their iconic striped blankets and clothing – perfect for any Canadian souvenir hunt!

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9. Butter Tarts

Thinking of the classic Canadian treat? There’s nothing quite like butter tarts!

These pastries pack a mighty punch in terms of flavor, with silky smooth butter mixed with crunchy sweetness, encased in a flaky pastry shell. Heaven on Earth, right?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how tasty these delectable delights are – don’t forget to share them with your family though, unless their jealous stares make you wish you had!

10. Smoked Salmon

Canadians might as well have salmon on their flag – it’s practically the national food.

Whether we’re noshing on smoked salmon on a bagel, throwing it in a salad, or making it breakfast, it’s an common part of the Canadian diet.

Taking some home with you? Go for smoked salmon – it lasts longer than the average fish and can usually be brought across international borders without issue.

Just remember to double-check that your destination allows imports of fish!

Inukshuks in Canada
Inukshuks in Canada

11. Inukshuk

Need a Canadian souvenir for your relatives overseas? Go for an Inukshuk!

Long before Canada was even an idea on the map, Inukshuks were being used as navigational tools.

A stalwart reminder of Canada’s history that can often be found on roadsides and atop mountains, these unfailing markers continue to show us that there is a guiding light in our lives even after centuries have passed.

Whether you get a mini or mammoth souvenir version, they still provide the same inspiring message: never forget the path home.

12. Canadian Wine

Canada may not be the first place you think of when you hear ‘wine’, but the country certainly has some gems to share!

Grapes grown here benefit from mild summers and cold winters, perfect for producing wine.

Canadian wines from the Niagara Region, Okanagan and Annapolis Valley are definitely worth seeking out.

If you’re looking for an exciting getaway AND a great excuse to buy some of these bottles, book yourself a wine tour.

You’ll get to experience some fabulous local products, as well as come back home with a few special souvenirs sure to impress your friends.

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13. Iconic Canadian Snacks

Canada is full of iconic treats that will make your mouth water. From Coffee Crisp and Ketchup Chips to Hickory Sticks, it’s clear Canadians know what’s good.

Of course, those who are brave enough will never forget the flavor combo of All Dressed chips.

And if you’re feeling like a real indulgence, Purdy’s Chocolates or Nanaimo Bars will hit the spot. Canada might just be the snack capital of the world!

14. Roots Clothing

When it comes to comfort, Roots Clothing is the way to go! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect souvenir of Canada, a pair of Roots sweatpants or sweatshirt is always a great pick.

With their signature craftsmanship and cozy fabric, these staples will never go out of style – plus, you won’t break the bank buying them.

So grab your own piece of Canadian heritage today and stay comfy for years to come.

15. Indigenous Art

Knowing the vast cultural and artistic legacy that Indigenous artwork in Canada holds, it’s no surprise that all pieces are absolutely stunning.

Red, black, and white have come together to create brilliant visuals that demand attention – you’ll definitely be stopping to stare if you come across an Indigenous artist’s work.

Tip: Make sure the artist is local so you know you aren’t getting scammed with a cheap print or reproduction of indigenous culture – it just won’t live up to the real deal.

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16. Local Honey

If you’re looking for a sweet taste without the guilt, go for the gold and opt for a locally-produced jar of honey from a local farmers’ market or beekeeper!

You’ll be sweetening your tea with finer stuff than what they carry at the store, plus it’s fresh as it can “bee”!

Honey is much more than just a delicious accompaniment to toast – it’s a natural way to add sweetness to oatmeal and other breakfast favorites.

17. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Jackets have become as synonymous with Canada as maple syrup or poutine.

Though it may come at a hefty cost, these high-quality parkas make for an ideal souvenir for tourists visiting Canada – especially during the unforgiving winter months.

Afterall, who wouldn’t want to go back home with a coat that allows them to endure temperatures below -30C?

18. BeaverTails

Okay, we know this isn’t a souvenir you can bring back from Canada but you must make a stop at BeaverTails before you leave.

There’s nothing quite like it, and it’s not just because of their adorable namesake.

BeaverTails are a bit of carnival magic, with delicious deep-fried pastry dough covered in all kinds of sweet treats.