Stowe vs Killington: Which Ski Resort is Better?

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Picture freshly fallen snow, a steaming cup of hot cocoa in your hands, and that incredible sense of freedom as you ski down a powdery mountain. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

But wait, before you pull out that suitcase and start packing those cozy sweaters, there’s a decision to be made—a decision that could make or break your winter getaway.

Stowe or Killington: which Vermont ski resort deserves the honor of your presence this season?

Both offer an abundance of snowy slopes and apres-ski delights, but each has its own unique charm and specialties.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’re here to break down all the pros and cons of each resort so you can make the perfect choice. This comparison is one you won’t want to miss!

Cross Country Skiing In Stowe Vermont
Cross Country Skiing In Stowe Vermont

Who Should Choose Stowe Ski Resort?

Stowe Ski Resort is a dream come true for all types of skiers and snowboarders, offering something for everyone.

If you’re planning a couples’ getaway, Stowe is the ideal choice as it’s known for its romantic atmosphere and upscale experience. With cozy lodges, inviting fireplaces, and delightful dining options, you and your partner are sure to create swoon-worthy memories.

Families can also find their piece of snow-covered paradise at Stowe Ski Resort. With a wide variety of terrain for different skill levels, both little ones learning to ski and seasoned pros seeking a challenge can feel right at home on the slopes.

Stowe offers more than just skiing and snowboarding; its charming, picturesque village is perfect for relaxing after a day on the mountain! Get lost in quaint shops, indulge in some scrumptious local cuisine, or pamper yourself with decadent spa services.

Finally, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll be thrilled by Stowe’s challenging runs and exhilarating freestyle terrain parks. Don’t hesitate to buckle up that helmet, grab your gear, and hit the slopes for a snow-filled good time!

Who Should Choose Killington Ski Resort?

Are you an adventurer seeking a thrilling experience on the slopes? Then buckle up your snow boots and grab your skis, because Killington Ski Resort is perfect for you.

With its extensive trails and exhilarating terrain, this winter playground is the ultimate spot to channel your inner ski pro.

This fantastic resort caters to those who crave a challenge. With a multitude of slopes for all skill levels (fear not, beginners, there’s something for you too), you can spend your days conquering the mountains.

Another perk? Killington Ski Resort’s après-ski scene is amazing! Whether you’re celebrating your victory over the famous “Outer Limits” mogul run or simply needing to warm up with a hot cocoa, there are plenty of dining and entertainment options to choose from.

Let loose and celebrate your skiing prowess as you mingle with like-minded adrenaline junkies.

view at Killington Ski Resort Vermont
View at Killington Ski Resort Vermont

Terrain and Trails

It’s clear that both Stowe and Killington are top-notch destinations for your winter break, but let’s dig into the details to make your decision a little easier.

Stowe Ski Resort

Stowe Ski Resort is an absolute delight for snow lovers! With 116 thrilling trails sprawled across two majestic mountains – Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak – it caters to every ski level.

Beginners, rejoice: Stowe has got your back with friendly terrains, while expert skiers can find challenging slopes to conquer.

Apart from skiing, Stowe offers a plethora of frosty fun. Why not give snowshoeing or ice skating a whirl? And if you’re after a unique adventure, you can even hop onto a dog sled and make some furry friends.

Killington Ski Resort

Now, snow bunnies, let your excitement soar to new heights at Killington Ski Resort. Known as the perfect spot for solo travelers, Killington offers an enticing mix of pistes for all abilities.

Whether you’re looking for exhilarating black diamonds or gentle bunny slopes, Killington has it all.

When you need a break from the slopes, Killington offers some incredible off-piste options as well. Don’t miss out on fun activities like snowmobiling, snow-tubing, or chilling in their cozy mountain lodges.

Lodging and Amenities

Both Stowe and Killington ski resorts offer fantastic lodging and amenities options. Your choice boils down to your personal preference – whether you want to indulge in luxurious mountain living or dive into a lively adventure.

Rest assured, though; whichever resort you choose, you’re in for an unforgettable ski vacation!

Stowe Ski Resort

Stowe Ski Resort is the epitome of luxury and class when it comes to lodging and amenities; always stylish and oh-so classy.

With a range of upscale accommodations, you’re sure to find a cozy spot to rest your ski-weary bones after a thrilling day on the slopes.

Stowe doesn’t just stop at fancy digs; they really roll out the red carpet with top-notch amenities. From lavish spa services to fine dining options, Stowe Ski Resort is where you go to spoil yourself silly. You deserve it, don’t you? 😉

Killington Ski Resort

Not to be outdone, Killington Ski Resort also boasts a wide variety of lodging options, catering to all budgets and tastes. If you’re looking for more of a laid-back, adventurers’ hideout, Killington is your jam.

But don’t let its rugged vibe fool you; Killington knows how to pamper you too. With an array of restaurants, bars, and amenities to explore, this ski resort will keep you fueled and entertained long after the sun sets on the mountain.

Killington is perfect for solo travelers or those seeking a more adventurous vacation, so don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with your fellow snow-seekers.

Killington Ski Resort
Killington Ski Resort


Both Stowe and Killington are fantastic ski resorts with plenty to offer for families. The choice is yours, but no matter where you go, just remember to have a blast on those slopes!

Stowe Ski Resort

Stowe is a fantastic family destination; surrounded by breathtaking mountains, this charming resort caters to everyone, from beginners to pros. So, all snow bunnies will feel right at home!

Stowe offers varied terrain and exceptional ski schools, ensuring folks of all skill levels can enjoy their time on the slopes.

Stowe isn’t just about skiing; it’s a winter playground! From ice skating to dog sledding, the fun never stops. Don’t forget to indulge in some hot cocoa and Vermont’s famous maple syrup while you’re there.

Killington Ski Resort

Now, let’s talk about Killington; with its myriad of slopes and trails, there’s something for everyone in your clan, making it a worthy contender for your family ski trip.

Check out the beginner-friendly slopes for your kiddos, or challenge yourself on more advanced runs.

But, skiing isn’t the only thing your family can enjoy at Killington. Hop on a snowmobile, or try tubing and sledding for a thrilling change of pace.

Oh, and did we mention that cozy après-ski scene? With plenty of places to mingle and unwind, Killington might just become your family’s go-to winter retreat!

Getting There

Stowe and Killington are exceptionally easy to get to, so it’s up to you to pick your perfect ski destination.

Stowe Ski Resort

Nestled in the beautiful Vermont mountains, Stowe Ski Resort is quite easy to access – just fly into Burlington International Airport and from there, a quick 40-minute drive will get you to the slopes in a jiffy.

Stowe offers a free shuttle service called the “Mountain Road Shuttle.” Cruising between the village and the mountain, it’ll take you to your desired ski adventure without any hassle.

Killington Ski Resort

Now, for travelers seeking thrilling escapades and a touch of independence, Killington Ski Resort is your go-to place. Located near the heart of Vermont, getting there is a breeze!

Rutland Southern Vermont Regional Airport is just a 35-minute drive away, making your arrival as smooth as the slopes you’ll conquer.

And hey, there’s more good news! Killington provides the one and only “Diamond Express.” This posh shuttle service runs between the ski resort and local hotels.

beautiful town of Stowe in Vermont
Beautiful town of Stowe in Vermont

Non-Skiing Activities

There’s no shortage of non-skiing activities at both Stowe and Killington. Whichever destination you choose, we’re sure you’re in for a fun-packed, joy-filled vacation.

Stowe Ski Resort

When you’re not shredding the slopes at Stowe Ski Resort, there are plenty of other delightful activities to indulge in.

For the art lovers, you’ll find galleries aplenty – from sculptures to paintings, your creative side will be satisfied.

If you’re more of a foodie, fear not. Stowe boasts an impressive array of farm-to-table dining options to whet your appetite.

And to help unwind, why not treat yourself to a soothing session at the luxurious spa? You deserve it, after all!

Killington Ski Resort

At Killington Ski Resort, adventure awaits around every corner – even off the ski slopes. Spice up your vacation by hopping on a snowmobile and feeling the magic of winter in a whole new way.

Looking for some indoor activities? Get the adrenaline pumping with an indoor rock climbing session, or challenge your friends to a friendly game of pool at the local recreation center.

And don’t forget to take a scenic gondola ride for those postcard-perfect views of the stunning Vermont landscape.

Gondola ride at Killington Ski Resort Vermont
Gondola ride at Killington Ski Resort Vermont

Comparing Costs

Are you trying to decide between Stowe and Killington for your next ski adventure? Let’s talk dollars and cents to help you make that decision!

When it comes to lift ticket prices, they can vary depending on the time of the year and deals available. At Stowe, you may end up spending a bit more on lift tickets compared to Killington.

But worry not, both mountains often offer great package deals or early-season discounts that can save you some green.

As for accommodations, both resorts have options to fit different budgets, but Stowe is known for its more upscale offerings. So, if you’re into luxurious lodgings alongside your epic ski adventures, Stowe might be your top pick.

Now, let’s discuss the après-ski scene! Both Killington and Stowe have a variety of dining options for you to choose from.

Whether you’re craving a casual burger joint or a swanky four-course meal, your taste buds won’t be left unsatisfied at either spot.

However, you might find Stowe’s restaurants are a tiny bit pricier than Killington’s. But hey, you’re on vacation, and don’t you deserve to treat yourself?

The cherry on top of your ski-cation is fun outdoor activities! Both resorts offer many options, such as snowboarding, snowshoeing, and even snowmobiling.

While prices can be quite similar at each location, you’ll want to check the Killington and Stowe resort websites for the most up-to-date pricing and availability.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which resort has better ski conditions?

In general, both Stowe and Killington offer fantastic skiing conditions, but choosing the perfect spot ultimately depends on your preferences.

If you’re the last person off the mountain type, Killington might be your pick with its extended ski season.

However, if you fancy high-quality snow coverage and breathtaking views, Stowe may just be your snow heaven.

Are there summer activities at these resorts?

Absolutely! Snow may be their middle name, but both Stowe and Killington don’t shy away from transforming into impressive summer havens.

At Stowe, you can ride on mountain bikes with the wind in your hair, while Killington invites you to conquer their thrilling mountain coaster. Pack your sunscreen and put on your adventure hat because fun times are guaranteed!

How do Stowe and Killington differ in terms of difficulty levels?

When it comes to difficulty, Stowe and Killington cater to skiers of varying skill sets. Stowe boasts over half of its trails as intermediate level, making it a fantastic destination for those who’ve mastered the basics but aren’t quite pros yet.

Killington, on the other hand, presents heart-pumping challenges for advanced skiers, with more than 60% of its terrains marked as difficult.

Whether you’re looking to hone your skills or push your limits, these resorts have got you covered.

How do the ski terrains differ between Stowe and Killington?

Now, this is where the magic lies! Stowe enchants you with a mix of groomed and ungroomed terrain across 116 trails, offering a diverse skiing experience.

Killington, also known as “The Beast of the East,” spreads its wings over 155 trails, making it the largest ski resort in the Eastern United States. With six interconnected peaks, Killington showcases a variety of terrains for you to conquer.

Final Thoughts

In the end, your choice between Stowe and Killington depends on factors like your skiing preferences, vacation style, and appetite for adventure.

Whether you’re a black-diamond daredevil or a fireside lounger, both hills promise peaks of pleasure.

The slopes are calling, your parka is begging to be worn, and there’s a snow-globe world out there just waiting to be shaken up by you. Just remember to stay warm, enjoy the slopes, and let the mountain memories begin!