15 Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Key West

Is there anything more breathtaking than an incredible sunset?

Witnessing colors burst and spread on the horizon, with bright oranges, deep pinks, yellows and purples – there’s truly something special about it.

It’s only right that plenty of people flock to Key West to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous views when the sun sets.

Come join us as we list out these must-see spots and explore what makes them so spectacular!

1. Fort Zachary Taylor Park

Looking for a free spot to watch the sun go down? Fort Zachary Taylor is the total package when it comes to chill waterfront hangs.

This local favorite spot is located on the southwest corner of Key West and offers stunning views of the sea.

You can snorkel all day and even tour the Civil War fort so you get a dose of history to boot!

In the evening, it’s your go-to spot for relaxed vibes to watch the sun slowly fall and paint the sky in vibrant hues.

So grab your sunscreen, floaties, and picnic basket – Fort Zachary has something fun for everyone.

Sunset at Key West with sailing boat
sail boat in key west during sunset

2. Key West Sunset Cruise

Whether you’re looking for a romantic outing or just eager to take in a picture-perfect Key West sunset, there’s no better way than to set sail on a sunset cruise!

Gather your friends aboard a 70-foot catamaran and watch as the sky fills with vivid oranges and pinks.

Partake in an array of delectable nibbles and refreshments, including wine, sangria, beer, and fresh hors d’oeuvres.

With live music from local musicians adding to the atmosphere, this is one of the best ways to witness one of nature’s finest displays!

3. El Meson de Pepe

As the sun sets in Key West, the perfect spot to spend your evening is at El Meson de Pepe in Mallory Square.

Live music keeps you entertained while you nosh on some delicious Cuban fare.

You’re guaranteed a beautiful view AND absolutely delicious mojitos – it’s hard to think of any better way to close out your night.

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4. Mallory Square

Witnessing the sun setting over the sparkling waters of Key West is a treat like no other.

Every night of the year, Mallory Square turns into an all-out shindig for devoted sunset watchers – and if you haven’t joined in yet, it’s time to plan a trip there!

Dig into local eats, admire art pieces, and groove to live music.

So grab your favorite cocktail, find the perfect spot near the sea, and soak in that showstopper of fiery hues as they take over the sky at sunset. Now that’s what we call living life to its fullest!

Musicians during sunset at Mallory Square key west florida
sunset performance at mallory square

5. Sunset Tiki Boat Tour

There’s nothing like watching a sunset in Key West – the golden rays basking the coast in warmth and light.

But what could make an already spectacular experience even better? An intimate tour on a tiki boat!

Get on board with your favorite beverage (bring your own booze) and take in all the sights as you sail around Key West Harbor.

Not to mention, you’ll have a really entertaining crew ready to educate you on all the local landmarks.

Sail away into that golden horizon not just to watch, but to experience a breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime show. Don’t miss out!

6. Bahia Honda State Park

Key West may be known for its nightlife, but it’s hard to top the beauty of watching the sun dip down below the horizon from Bahia Honda State Park.

Whether you choose to soak up the beauty from dry land or hop in the crystal clear water and snorkel your way around until it’s time for nature’s show, an evening spent at Bahia Honda will leave you feeling connected to nature and inspired!

7. SHOR American Seafood Grill

Who needs a movie when you can watch the natural beauty of a Key West sunset with the waves lapping in the background?

SHOR, located at Hyatt Centric, offers an unforgettable atmosphere to enjoy Mother Nature’s greatest performance.

With a veranda set against the sunset backdrop of the ocean, there’s no better way to spend an evening than watching the vivid sky come alive with color.

With breathtaking views of the setting sun, plus indulgent dishes of local seafood topped off with an amazing Key lime pie, this is sure to be one meal you won’t soon forget.

8. Higgs Beach Pier

Higgs Beach Pier is the perfect spot to soak in the warm vibes of Key West; if you bring a blanket and some snacks, you can watch the sunset in peace.

During the day, you can rent chairs and umbrellas on the beach, eat at Salute! On the Beach and watch people trying their luck off the pier.

Worth of a postcard, Higgs Beach will capture your heart with its stunning sunset views that will leave you awe-struck.

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9. Sunset Tiki Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for the quintessential experience of island life in the heart of the Florida Keys, then Sunset Tiki Bar & Grill is your ticket to paradise.

Their motto says it all, “where the boardwalk ends and the sunsets begin”.

Let the sound of live music and margaritas guide you to sunset bliss as you relax by the ocean!

Make sure to stop by their Evening Happy Hour (we all need a break now and then) to take advantage of their 2-4-1 specials.

With an outdoor bar, however, keep an eye on those clouds; this exotic getaway may not be the place for you during a downpour.

10. Sunset Pier

Get the crew together and head down to Sunset Pier at Ocean Key Resort, where you can watch an amazing sunset show with cold tropical drinks in hand!

With umbrellas shading every pastel-colored table, you won’t believe you’re in Key West when it turns golden hour – there’s nothing quite like it.

As the sun dips below the horizon, cheer to all the sunset cruises and sailboats passing by!

11. Sunset Key

Even though Sunset Key is a tiny residential island off the coast of Key West and not open to the public, you can snag a cottage on this exclusive island to witness some of the most breathtaking sunsets first-hand!

Alternatively, you can hop on a 7-minute boat ride from Margaritaville Key West Resort and head on over to Latitudes for dinner. So go treat yourself – you deserve it!

12. Key West Historic Seaport

The Key West Historic Seaport is the perfect place to find a place to sit and catch the sunset.

Fueled by fish tacos and soft serve, you’ll be primed for one of the prettiest harbor views around – nothing short of incredible in pink and orange hues.

Grab a seat on a bench for an unforgettable evening with friends – because trust us, you’ll want to remember this view!

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13. White Street Pier

If the thought of giant crowds that gather at sunset gets your blood pressure rising, then White Street Pier is definitely the spot for you.

Fishers, chillers and hang-outs alike can all find solace here on this pier that’s nestled between two stunning beaches.

Take a stroll down the breezy pathway and embrace the calming atmosphere as you watch that golden ball of sunshine slowly retreat from view.

You can revel in the peace of it all or chat with others who have also made their way here for the show – just know that whatever you do, there won’t be any pushing and shoving involved!

14. Lagerheads Beach Bar

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying a cold beverage and a delicious bite to eat, look no further than Lagerheads Beach Bar.

They offer some of the best tacos and ceviche on the island, paired with beachside fun and relaxation.

Grab a lounge chair and sink into the sand to get comfy as you take in that famous Key West sunset.

And if swimming with the sunset is more your style, dive right in! It’ll be an unforgettable experience at this one-of-a-kind beach bar oasis.

15. Truman Waterfront Park

Truman Waterfront Park is a key spot for an outdoor evening activity that won’t break the bank.

There’s no entrance fee, but plenty of activities to enjoy- from the splash park and breezy strolls by the ocean to biking or blading around the fitness stations.

Plus, who can pass up a scenic sunset picnic? It’s all there waiting for you!

Who needs a fancy restaurant when Mother Nature has already cooked up a perfect backdrop? Pack up your picnic basket and get ready for an evening that’ll definitely leave you stuffed with delight.