10 Best Beaches in Bali You Must Visit at Least Once

Many people come to Bali to experience the culture, the temples, and the food.

But there’s one thing you absolutely cannot miss…the incredible beaches that Bali is known for!

There are countless beautiful beaches scattered along the entire coastline.

Our personal favorites are the ones with sandy beaches and clear waters.

In this post, we’ll be covering the top stunning beaches in Southern Bali.


Map of the Best Beaches in Bali

1. Bingin Beach


Getting to Bingin Beach is a bit of a trek but it’s definitely worth your while.

As with most cliffside beaches in Bali, a steep climb down is needed to access it (about 200 steps).

There’s strong waves for surfers and enough space to lay down and read a book.

Some parts of Bingen beach isn’t really that great – unless rocks and seaweed are your thing.

You’d want to walk over to the right side, where the cafes and main sandy part of the beach is.

It’s not recommended to come here without a pair of good shoes – there’s a lot of sharp coral and you can easily cut yourself if you’re not careful.

There’s a few places on the beach that serve BBQ seafood. A bit overcharged but the freshly grilled fish and prawns are super delicious!

Note: all the restaurants here are cash only and the nearest ATM is a 15-minute ride away.

Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR per person and 5,000 IDR for parking

2. Dreamland Beach


Dreamland Beach is a surfers paradise, beautiful sand, and strong waves.

There’s a short walk from the entrance to the main beach area. You’ll pass by dozens of shops selling handmade goods.

If you’re not brave enough to ride the waves, you’ll have just as much fun lounging by the beach and taking an occasional dip in the water.

There’s also a whole network of small caves to explore but be careful – the rocks are very sharp and many folks use it as a changing area.

We had a full day of adventures so by the time we made it to Dreamland Beach, it was pretty late (around 5 pm and it was pretty crowded).

If you stay late enough, you can catch a really beautiful sunset.

Entrance Fee: 15,000 IDR per person

3. Padang Padang Beach


If you didn’t know already, this is the famous beach seen in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”.

Many tourists rate this beach as the best beach in Bali and with good reason.

Padang Padang Beach is at the bottom of a cliff, so there’s a steep climb down some steps (about four flights).

It’s a bit narrow in places so you’d want to watch where you’re stepping. Keep an eye out for the cute monkeys on the way down, they love stealings things!

The beach itself is not very big so it can get crowded during popular hours. If you get there early enough, you’d avoid the crowds.

There are reasonable waves for surfing but the beach is quite rocky and a bit tough to walk around in the water.

Entrance fee to the beach is 15,000 IDR per person (keep your ticket for multiple entry) and about 100,000 IDR for a lounge chair.

4. Pandawa Beach


Pandawa Beach is located in South Kuta and has a long beach coast with white sands.

The waves are calm but the beach can be a little rocky so make sure you wear proper shoes.

This is a popular spot to rent kayaks and spend a lazy afternoon out on the water.

Entrance Fee: 15,000 IDR per person and 5,000 IDR for parking.

5. Nusa Dua Beach


Nusa Dua Beach is located in a resort area of south Bali and is perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful afternoon relaxing on the beach.

Known for the white sand beaches and very calm waters, this makes it the perfect location for snorkeling.

Tip: if you’re planning to hit up this beach, make sure you check the tide schedule.

We were fortunate enough to visit during high tide and nd according to locals, it makes a dramatic difference.

At low tide, it’s not really suitable for swimming and doesn’t look as nice but you’ll have the opportunity to walk out to the edge of the reef.

Who knows, maybe you’ll spot some interesting sea life out in the tide pools!

Entrance Fee: 15,000 IDR per person

Beaches on Nusa Penida island


Nusa Penida is a gorgeous island located off the southeast coast of Bali and it’s becoming one of the most popular destinations to visit when you’re in Indonesia.

One of the most amazing activities you can do on this developing island is swimming alongside manta rays in their natural habitat.

From Sanur Harbor, the island is about a 30-minute speedboat ride away and it’ll cost about 200,000 IDR each way.

The boat ride to Nusa Penida is not for the faint of heart.

Maybe we just went on an abnormally windy day, but oh my goodness…

The waves looked like it could’ve swallowed the boat whole!

In all seriousness, the trip to the island is well worth enduring the boat ride.

You won’t be disappointed!

Here’s our list of the top beaches to visit when you’re at Nusa Penida.

6. Angel’s Billabong


Angel’s Billabong is a busy spot but totally worth checking out.

Here, you’ll find one of the clearest natural reservoirs of water you’ll ever swim in.

Keep in mind, the Billabong is only accessible during low tide.

The currents are very strong and can pull you away during high tide.

Entrance Fee: 5,000 IDR per person

7. Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)


Just a short walk from Angel’s Billabong is Broken Beach.

Broken Beach is a popular stop since it’s really close to the Nusa Penida port.

You can’t swim here since there’s no trail going down to the beach but the archway and unique landscape makes it a great Instagram snap.

Entrance Fee: Included together with Angel’s Billabong

8. Kelingking Beach


Kelingking Beach is arguably one of the most visited places on the island.

This viewpoint has incredibly white sand and the view is breathtaking when viewed from above.

People say it resembles the head of a prehistorical creature.

What do you think?

If you want to go down to the beach below, there is a trail but it’s very steep and isn’t an easy hike.

Wear actual shoes, don’t wear sandals!

According to our tour guide, it takes at least an hour one-way so you’d want to make sure you have enough time to hike down, chill out and then head back up.

Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR per person and 5,000 IDR for parking

9. Crystal Bay


Crystal Bay is another stunning spot with really beautiful clear blue water and is one of the few beaches on the island without needing to trek down any stairs.

If you want to cool off from the sun and take a dip, you’re in luck.

The water here is calm and safe to swim in – we would say it’s the best beach for swimming in Nusa Penida.

Since Crystal Bay is facing west, you can get some of the best sunsets on the island here.

Crystal Bay is also a great place for beginner snorkelers (try to go during high tide).

Entrance Fee: 5,000 IDR for parking

10. Diamond Beach


Diamond Beach is surrounded by phenomenal cliffs and is what some would call heaven on earth.

Located on the eastern tip of the island, this beautiful beach has white sand and crystal clear blue water.

The lookout from above is pretty spectacular but it can get pretty crowded since most people hang around the top stairwell.

If you’re down for a climb it gets even better when you venture down to the beach.

There’s a Bali-style swing that you can go on for 100,000 IDR.

Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR per person

Final Thoughts

There are countless numbers of beaches in Bali and you can literally spend your entire trip beach-hopping.

We hope this list has helped you narrow down some of the beaches you’d like to visit in Bali!