9 of the Best Coworking Spaces in Canggu & Nearby

Are you a digital nomad tired of working from cramped cafes and unproductive home offices? Or maybe you’re a freelance creative in search of fresh inspiration?

Either way, if you’re heading to Canggu or around the nearby area, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve picked out the top coworking spaces that are not only functional but also visually stunning and community-driven.

From beachfront workplaces to lush green gardens, each workspace on our list holds its own unique charm.

So pack your laptop and let’s dive into the best coworking spaces that will take your work experience to the next level in Canggu and beyond!

Outpost Coworking Canggu Indonesia
Photo Credit: Outpost Coworking

1. Outpost Canggu Coworking

Outpost Canggu is a coworking space where creativity and inspiration ignite! This coworking hub is nestled in the vibrant scene of Canggu, offering an amazing atmosphere for freelancers and entrepreneurs like yourself.

Step into the Outpost and be greeted by an open and collaborative space, perfect for expanding your network and getting those creative juices flowing.

The sun shines in, adding warmth and energy to the workspace. It’s pretty much like working in paradise.

You’ll be spoilt for choice with flexible plans offered by Outpost, from hot-desks to private offices.

Did we mention the swimming pool? You can catch some rays while sipping on a refreshing coconut or frantically tap away at your keyboard in between laps. Now that’s what we call digital nomad paradise!

Outpost Canggu might feel like the secret lair of the coworking world, but you can rest assured that their Wi-Fi speed is nothing short of lightning-fast. Your work will soar to new heights.

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Insider tip: Outpost has another location in Ubud, and your membership grants access to their multiple locations across Bali – perfect for those who love working in different environments.

Monthly memberships start at $195, which is quite reasonable given the list of top-notch amenities you’ll have at your disposal.

What we love: Swimming pool access to maintain a cool work-life balance, member-only events to enrich your professional network, inclusive atmosphere with entrepreneurs from all industries, great location in the heart of Canggu.

And the cons? Outpost can get crowded during peak hours (but which amazing coworking space doesn’t?) and some may find the open concept challenging for private conversations.

Tribal Bali Coworking Space Bali Indonesia
Photo Credit: Tribal Bali

2. Tribal

Get ready to meet Tribal, Bali’s first purpose-built Coworking Hostel. This snazzy joint is where talented creatives, savvy entrepreneurs, and adventurous explorers come together to collaborate, share ideas, and inspire one another.

The best part? No membership fee! Tribal is the oasis you’ve been looking for.

Imagine walking into a spacious, breezy, open-plan coworking space that’s loaded with good vibes and sweet swag.

The décor is a delightful mix of modern and tropical that will have you feeling the groove in no time. Strolling through the space, you’ll find a mix of individual and common tables.

When it comes to pricing, Tribal is a clear frontrunner. You can book a stay at this fab spot for your next workation via HostelWorld.

In addition to the cool coworking space, you’ll love the community this place fosters. And one quirky little tidbit? They’re equipped with a billiards table and food that will make other coworkers swoon with envy!

Now let’s talk about the nitty-gritty. Tribal is located at Gang Tribal, Jl. Pantai Pererenan, which means you’re right in the heart of the action in Canggu, ready to explore the beaches and surf spots nearby.

However, some visitors say the location can be a tad noisy at times, so be prepared for those bustling Bali vibes.

To wrap up, Tribal is the ultimate hangout for free-spirited digital nomads who crave an uber-cool coworking space combined with comfortable lodging.

It’s the perfect place to network, share laughter, and unleash that inner creative genius!

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3. Kinship Studio Bali

Ready to find your next work haven in Canggu? Look no further than Kinship Studio Bali, a minimalist yet oh-so-cozy coworking space that’ll make your productivity soar.

Step into Kinship, and you’ll be met with neutral colors, simple furnishings, and a chill atmosphere that’s practically begging you to stay and get stuff done.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you – this gem is filled with all the goodies and amenities to create a workspace that’s straight out of an Instagram feed.

Now, let’s talk about what you really want to know: the deets. Kinship is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, so it’s the perfect spot for early birds and night owls alike. It’s affordable too, with prices that won’t make your wallet cry.

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And trust us when we say that their amenities list checks all the boxes: super-fast Wi-Fi, comfy spots to plug in and work, and even great coffee for when you need a pick-me-up.

But Kinship doesn’t stop at just being an awesome coworking spot. Oh, no, friends! It also boasts a photography studio and hosts events regularly.

Don’t miss the chance to network with the friendly community during one of their cool get-togethers.

The verdict? Kinship Studio is a fantastic pick for those who appreciate a zen-like workspace, fantastic amenities, and a welcoming vibe.

Bali Bustle Coworking space
Photo Credit: Bali Bustle

4. Bali Bustle Coliving & Coworking

Ever wondered what it’d be like if Willy Wonka decided to design a coworking space? You’re in luck!

Bali Bustle, nestled in the heart of bustling Kuta, is that dreamy combination of coliving and coworking that feels just a hair short of pure magic. It’s a melting pot of adventurous souls visiting Bali to work, create, and explore.

At Bali Bustle, you’ll be surrounded by a medley of spaces that let your imagination fly. The coworking area is brimming with comfortable ergonomic chairs and lightning-fast Wi-Fi.

Prices vary based on how long you’re staying, but you can trust that it won’t break the bank.

Some other stand-out features include a fully equipped kitchen, delicious on-site cafe, access to pool, and you’ll be close to shops and restaurants.

But what truly sets Bali Bustle apart? It’s hard to put a finger on it, but you might say it’s a healthy fusion of the diverse crowd (folks pass through from all corners of the globe) and the attentive staff are always there to help, whether you’re looking for a food recommendation, or just a friendly conversation after a day of work.

So, should you dive into the vibrant whirlpool that is Bali Bustle? If you’re into colliding ideas with fellow digital nomads, savoring the best coffee spots, and living amidst a beehive of good vibes, Bali Bustle is your ticket to Wonderland!

However, keep in mind that it may be a bit overwhelming for those seeking complete solitude or utter silence.

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space Bali
Photo Credit: Tropical Nomad

5. Tropical Nomad

Located smack-dab in the heart of Canggu Shortcut, Tropical Nomad is a coworking space that’ll make you feel like you’re in paradise.

Picture lush greenery and a tropical ambiance; it’s the perfect spot for cultivating those creative juices.

Fancy some choice in your membership? Whether it’s a free trial pass (weekends only) or 24/7 access with WiFi, you can tailor your experience to your heart’s (and wallet’s) content.

And if you’re thinking about a private or virtual office, they’ve got you covered too. An AC room for silent work can be found upstairs at Tropical Nomad.

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But it’s not just about the work. Their community embraces professionals, creatives, and artists, making it more than just your average coworking space.

Feeling social? Join one of their fun events and make some pals who share your passion for the digital nomad life.

Not only that, you can slide into one of the nearby warungs and cafes for a refreshing treat. Or stroll through the picturesque rice paddies for a quick brain break. Trust us, the vibe is just as laid-back as you’d imagine.

There’s nothing better than a workspace that feels like a home away from home. Tropical Nomad has all the amenities you’d need, plus that unbeatable charm.

Just keep in mind, it can get a bit busy at times, so plan your visit accordingly. Suitable for everyone, whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or artist – this place is waiting for you to leave your mark!

Matra Bali Coliving and Coworking Space
Photo Credit: Matra Bali

6. Matra Coliving and Coworking Space

Imagine working in a lush tropical paradise where the good vibes are contagious – no, scratch that – you don’t need to imagine it. You’ll find everything you need at Matra Coliving and Coworking Space in Canggu.

This 3-star accommodation-slash-workspace offers the perfect blend of a productive environment and a relaxed atmosphere.

Did we mention the breathtaking pool view from the balcony of each room? Talk about a sweet bonus!

When it comes to amenities, this space has you covered. Enjoy the free WiFi, outdoor pool, and even a terrace to soak up that beautiful Bali sun.

Now let’s talk pricing: you’ll be thrilled by the value for money offered here. For that extra piece of mind, browse their website for the latest rates and packages.

Matra presents you with an additional unique feature – it’s right next to gorgeous rice fields. The mesmerizing views serve as a gentle reminder to take breaks and slow down when needed.

The Pranava Yoga classes on-site, surrounded by serene greenery, are truly a cherry on top.

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But not everything is perfect, and Matra is no exception. The location is a little far from the beach, so it might not be the best pick for surfers.

However, if you’re a digital nomad seeking an inspiring workplace with an easy-going atmosphere, guess what, Matra is your wonderland.

Quick insider tip: try their in-house cafe for both tasty meals and refreshing smoothies. You’re on for some culinary delights as you work hard and play harder!

Zin Cafe Coworking Area
Photo Credit: Zin Cafe

7. Zin Cafe

Ever wished to find a cozy coworking space with a genuine Bali vibe? Well, it seems like Lady Luck is smiling at you today, because Zin Cafe is the place for you.

Just two minutes away from the jaw-dropping Canggu Beach, this four-level wonderment will spark your Bali adventure like no other.

Now, let’s dive right into the juicy details. What if we told you that Zin Cafe is one of the best free co-working spaces in Bali?

Yep, that’s right – no need to splurge on memberships, just stroll right in and let your productivity shine.

And did we mention the amazing bamboo surroundings and breathtaking views? Talk about taking your work game to a whole new level.

This gem offers plenty of desk space, outlets, and comfy furniture for you to utilize, making it the perfect spot for digital nomads to hustle.

And yes, the cafe’s doors are open till 9 pm on weekdays, so you’ll have no trouble syncing your work hours with your European pals.

As for the scrumptious food, Zin Cafe serves a delightful mix of healthy seasonal western dishes and mouth-watering local favorites.

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And if you were wondering if the coffee’s got game, have no fear, the Z Roasters are every caffeine fiend’s dream.

It won’t be fair if we end this without mentioning the two sides of the coin. Zin Cafe’s lively atmosphere can sometimes get distracting, making it suitable exclusively for folks who can handle their work with a pinch of ambient noise.

Plus, with its growing popularity, finding your dream spot might take a bit of effort sometimes.

Bwork Bali
Photo Credit: Bwork Bali

8. BWork Bali

BWork Bali is the real deal. Imagine yourself working in a space that’s got your back 24/7, giving you the flexibility to hop in any time without stressing over the clock.

Located in beautiful Canggu with a chill atmosphere, BWork Bali embraces the spirit of a creative community.

The place has got a variety of pricing plans to fit your mojo, starting at IDR 1 million bi-weekly for 30 hours of coworking access to IDR 3.55 million monthly for unlimited access. That’s some sweet flexibility there!

What sets the space apart is their vigilant security, keeping exterior doors closed and in tight control by BWork staff.

There’s no slacking on the regular maintenance of the coworking space so you can focus on your tasks. They’re one of the rare coworking spots in Canggu open 24/7!

In a nutshell, BWork Bali might be just the spot for digital nomads, freelancers, and night owls who need a second home that’s secure and flexible.

Genesis Coworking Bali
Photo Credit: Genesis Creative

9. Genesis Creative Centre

Are you a creative soul seeking a vibrant coworking space in the heart of Canggu? Get ready for something special – the Genesis Creative Centre is the hottest spot for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs alike.

Stepping in, you’ll be amazed by the artistic vibes that surround you in this inspiring spot.

Genesis is no ordinary coworking space. Not only does it have cozy coworking facilities and meeting rooms, but it also boasts four incredible creative studios dedicated to music, art, fashion, and photography. This place is paradise for creatives!

One of the best things about Genesis is its wallet-friendly pricing. They charge 100k IDR a day or 1.5 million IDR a month.

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As for amenities, you can’t miss their beautiful rooftop garden and chillout space that adds a cherry on top of your experience.

With regular workshops and events on the calendar, you’ll have tons of opportunities to connect with fellow creatives and grow together.

To be honest, there aren’t many cons, except that it might be a tad too focused on the creative niche.

Yet, for those who appreciate artsy vibes and seek a vibrant environment to work and grow, Genesis Creative Centre is a dream come true!

How much is coworking space in Canggu?

Canggu offers some seriously awesome coworking spots that won’t break the bank. You’ll find plenty of options for less than $15 USD a day, and even swankier ones for around $20-$25 USD. Monthly rates can range from $100 to $300 USD per month.

But let’s be honest here: working at a coworking space is just as much about the vibe as it is about the price.

And trust us when we say that these spaces are unforgettable – nothing beats working alongside other digital nomads and entrepreneurs in such an inspiring environment.

With prices this good, not to mention fantastic perks like speedy Wi-Fi and free coffee on tap – why would you want to work anywhere else? Get out there and get inspired!

What are the pros and cons of coworking space?

Wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to coworking spaces? Let us break it down for you:

First off, the pros: coworking spaces are known for their sense of community and collaboration. You’ll be working alongside like-minded individuals who are just as motivated as you are.

It’s also super flexible – you can rent out a space just for an hour or two or reserve a desk for weeks or even months at a time.

And who doesn’t love free coffee? Plus, many coworking spaces offer unique perks like discounted gym memberships and networking events.

Now onto the cons: while it can be great to have coworkers around, sometimes it can also get noisy or distracting. And if you need absolute silence to work, this might not be the best option for you.

Another potential downside is cost – while some spaces are pretty affordable, others can be quite pricey.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun and flexible work environment with plenty of opportunities to meet new people and collaborate on projects, then coworking could be perfect for you.

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Why coworking is better than working from home?

You’re sitting at home, in your PJs, with that dreaded pile of work staring back at you. You’ve got the coffee brewing and maybe a slice of toast (if you’re lucky) to keep you going.

But let’s be real for a second here – working from home just doesn’t cut it sometimes.

That’s where coworking comes in like a superhero! Imagine yourself in a vibrant workspace surrounded by like-minded individuals who are all grinding away towards their goals. The energy is contagious and suddenly that pile of work feels manageable.

Plus, you can chat away with people about anything from sports to ‘what’s for lunch?’ and before you know it, your productivity has skyrocketed.

Coworking spaces offer more than just basic essentials too – hello printer/scanner/copy machine/kitchen…unlike the lonely office-at-home setup.

Final Thoughts

If you are a digital nomad or an entrepreneur on the hunt for a workspace that can fuel your creativity and productivity, Canggu is the place to be.

With the rise of coworking spaces, there is no excuse for being stuck at home or in a bland office environment.

You can join communities of like-minded individuals, attend networking events, enjoy incredible scenic views and experience Bali’s culture while getting work done.

Time flies fast, but opportunities don’t wait forever. Your success starts with your environment, so why not make it the best one possible?

Remember: life is too short to settle for boring office cubicles when you could have ocean breezes and palm trees instead!